Food Lover's Guide to Victoria Falls

Chefs in Zimbabwe have made an art out of transforming inexpensive local ingredients into hearty meals that reflect culinary influences from other nations throughout Southern Africa. Don’t miss these best bites and tasty food experiences during your trip to Victoria Falls.
Must-Try Dishes
The breakfast staple in Zimbabwe is bota—loose cornmeal porridge typically flavored with peanut butter, canned jam, butter, milk, or sugar. At lunch and dinnertime, cornmeal is used to make sadza, a porridge thick enough to be rolled into a ball and dipped in stewed spinach, spring greens, or collard greens (muriwo unedovi), along with dried or stewed meat. After the Portuguese brought peanuts to Zimbabwe during the 16th century, the ground nuts were incorporated into their own stew made with meat and vegetables, known as dovi. If you have a sweet tooth, sample some mapopo candy, a sweet treat made from papaya that’s been cooked and dusted with sugar. Wash your meal down with maheu, a local drink made from maize.
Must-Do Experiences
  • Enjoy a romantic gourmet dinner while cruising the Zambezi River at sunset or riding a steam train to Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • Be welcomed into a local home in Victoria Falls to experience the authentic flavors of a “home lunch” comprised of typical Zimbabwean dishes.
  • Sink your teeth into a 4-course dinner of local specialties, including African game meats, followed by a live drumming show.
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