Little Li River (Yulong River)

The Little Li River (Yulong River) is the largest tributary of the Li River and the most popular for travelers in Yangshuo County, China. The Little Li River starts in northern Yangshuo County near the town of Litang and meanders 22 miles (35.4 kilometers) to where it empties into the Li River near Ping Le. While the Li River is a major thoroughfare with motorboats shuttling passengers between Guilin and Yangshou, the Little Li is serene and slow-moving, just like the agrarian lifestyle of the denizens along the banks.

An excursion down the river starts a few miles south of Yangshuo’s town center. The two to three hour trip takes visitors through the towering limestone karst formations that make the area famous along shallow, crystal-clear water. During the hotter summer months, boatmen will stop at a few popular swimming holes to get a break from the heat.

While a rafting trip down the Little Li is generally peaceful and relaxing, it can be quite exhilarating as well. A series of breakwaters, or weirs, cross the river periodically along its length, which slow the flow of the river and allow farm animals to cross. During high tide, it’s possible to raft over the mini-waterfalls created by the weirs.
Adress: Yangshuo, Guilin, Kina
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