Must-See Museums in Zagreb

A hotbed of arts and culture, Zagreb’s rich history is reflected in its vast selection of history museums and art galleries. Whether you want to marvel over art masterpieces or visit one of Europe’s most unique anthropology museums, here are our picks for must-see museums in the Croatian capital.

Zagreb Archaeological Museum 
Start your tour of Zagreb’s museums with a journey through Croatian history at the Archaeological Museum. The institute’s vast 78,000-object collection includes a number of rare finds, including a 4,000-year-old ceramic censer (a container for incense), Egyptian mummies, and one of Europe’s most impressive collections of ancient coins.

Museum of Broken Relationships
The innovative Museum of Broken Relationships is hands-down one of the most popular and unusual museums in Croatia. Inside, exhibitions showcase a heart-warming collection of letters, keepsakes, mementos, and personal stories that chronicle love and heartbreak around the world.

Croatian Museum of Naïve Art
Located in Zagreb's Upper Town (Gornji Grad), the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art is devoted to the vibrant “Naïve art” style that originated in Croatia in the 20th century. Almost 2,000 works are on display in the museum.

Museum of Illusions
Take a break from sightseeing and immerse yourself in the weird, wonderful, and wacky world of the Museum of Illusions. The site’s interactive multimedia exhibits include optical illusions, holograms, puzzles, and a mirror maze.

Zagreb City Museum 
Venture to the Zagreb City Museum for a comprehensive look at the past and present of the Croatian capital. Inside, exhibitions offer insight into the city’s history, economics, politics, and everyday life, as well as its cultural heritage, rich art history, and striking architecture.

Mimara Museum
Named after local art collector Ante Topic Mimara, the Mimara Museum is one of Zagreb’s most important art museums. One of a number of museums clustered around Zrinjevac Square in Zagreb’s Lower Town (Donji Grad), the Mimara features exhibits on everything from ancient Egyptian glassware and Roman archaeological finds to iconic artworks by European masters like Rembrandt, Velāzquez, Goya, Rubens, and Van Dyck.

Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters
The personal art collection of Bishop Strossmayer, the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters displays works by artists such as Andrija Medulic, Veronese, Tintoretto, Fragonard, and Boucher. Its prize possession is a painting of Mary Magdalene by El Greco. 
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