• Plats: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 28,64

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: David C , juni 2016

Brilliant, if you want a fun evening, this is the place to go. Nice lively bar and excellent acts.

Recenserad av: Janet P , mars 2016

Fantastic Show, very clever and very enjoyable, all staff and entertainment fantastic, so much so we stayed and paid for the extra show later that night

Recenserad av: NENAD S , november 2015


Recenserad av: Rayne S , januari 2013

Absolutely fantastic!! Improv is always the best, as long as the audience can hack being prompted! haha

Recenserad av: MOUNT N , USA, juni 2010

very good

Recenserad av: Anonym , USA, april 2010

Wonderful! The meal was superb, entertainment was really funny. A must for all ages, you cannot help but laugh and be happy!

Recenserad av: Mark S , United Kingdom, december 2009

I thought the whole night was brilliant. The waitresses were very friendly and happy. The show was funny and they get you involved so you really feel a part of the whole evening. Make sure you pay a bit extra and get the drinks included, four jugs of beer later and I was rocking. One downside is the elbow room you have on the table, they do pack you in quite tight. Overall would definitely go again every time i am in Amsterdam.

Recenserad av: Helen W , United Kingdom, december 2009

Great night, I would recommend it.

Recenserad av: Audri B , USA, augusti 2008

This was so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone. The food was amazing and the show was very entertaining.

Recenserad av: Michele A , augusti 2008

What a fantastic night. This was well worth it. We thought the British perhaps appreciated the humor more than our American table mates, even though the cast was American. We also loved the great food and service. We would go again and recommend it to anyone.

Recenserad av: Lindsey H , United Kingdom, mars 2008

A must see!

Recenserad av: Diane T , United Kingdom, augusti 2007

I would recommend this to anyone teenage and above. The show is hilarious, and the food amazing, it's an excellent value for the money. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Recenserad av: Anonym , United Kingdom, april 2007

This was hilarious, all visitors to Amsterdam should check it out. We enjoyed it so much we stayed for the Heineken Late Night Show as well. The location is great with several bars to hang out in before and after the show, although the theatre has one as well. The actors from the show came and had a few drinks in the bar afterwards and were really friendly. The unlimited drinks during the show was a great bonus as well.

Recenserad av: Demelza F , United Kingdom, april 2007

We had a great evening and the service and entertainment were excellent, would definitely return.

Recenserad av: LaShawn G , december 2015

It was a good experience, the actors were funny and the skits were well played out. We enjoyed good service and a memorable evening. We didn't get the best seats in the house but you can see and hear from all angles of the theater.

Recenserad av: Teryl B , december 2014

Enjoyed the show. Fun thing to do in Amsterdam since the show is in English. I would definitely go again if I was still living there.

Recenserad av: Toralv B , september 2014

Rett og slett morsomt, med mye improvisasjon og involvering av publikum i showet.

Recenserad av: Ronald B , juli 2014

Funny show. Description was clear in that only 1 show per night and changes depending day of the week.

Recenserad av: mrs l a l S , mars 2014

The show itself was fabulous however, the shows location had moved which meant by the time we found it we didnt have time to eat and had to pay for pricey taxis!

Recenserad av: Janet E. F , augusti 2013

A great show. The show is performed in English and is very funny. Would recommend it.

Recenserad av: Geoffrey R , juli 2012

Really funny show!! Improve comedy at its best! It was like watching "Who's Line" live! It was great to be able to eat dinner while watching the show! Only problem was that they lost our order. When asked about it, they immediately offered us beer and our order came out shortly thereafter (although after everyone else's order). Overall great experience!

Recenserad av: EAN KEONG L , april 2012

Very entertaining show. Good comedy and worth the night out.

Recenserad av: Cristiane S , april 2012

We saw "Methamorphosis" and recommend it for north americans, it's their kind of nice humor! For us it's funny but not that much - we've expected a different kind of humor, but it's ok. We left the theatre before the show finished because the restaurants in Amsterdam close at 10 p.m., otherwise we would had stay till the end.

Recenserad av: Falz , december 2011

Had a really great time and the food was fantastic! It was packed the night I went so I'm glad that I purchased my ticket ahead of time.

Recenserad av: gene1747 , USA, juni 2011

Great show. We had a lot of laughs.