• Plats: Athens, Greece
  • Varaktighet: 3 timmar 30 minuter (ung.)
Från USD 52,68

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Recenserad av: Barbara C , januari 2017

Excellent food tour. The guide was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Recenserad av: Mary Kate B , december 2016

Despina was our tour guide and she was amazing! She loves what she does and has passion for food, tourism, and Greece. The food was amazing. We had Loukoumades, a honey and nut covered doughnut, which was amazing. We also got a gyro, feta cheese and thyme infused honey, morning sesame bread, Spanakopita and Bougasta which are sweet and savory pies. Despina also showed us an amazing local tavern to eat where we sampled some amazing cooked beans and some house wine. She showed us an Orthodox Church, explained the Greek flag, told us about the trees around town, and showed us the fish and meat market and the fruits and vegetable market. The tour was amazing and worth the time and money!

Recenserad av: Jane V , november 2016

My boyfriend and I had a great time on this tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgable. She provided us with a bit of historical context to the food culture in Greece. We enjoyed visiting a part of the city we might not have ventured to on our own. We would recommend this tour to anyone planning to visit Athens. It's a great way to remember that despite the awesome history, Athens is a bustling city with plenty to do outside of the typical areas.

Recenserad av: dan , november 2016

We booked this tour in October when we visited Athens after a Med cruise and we were not disappointed at all!! Vicki was our guide and she is extremely knowledgeable of the Greek culture and food which was exactly what we were looking for. The food was all incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip!!

Recenserad av: Jane M , oktober 2016

Dorina Katsadorak was the tour guide. She walked us along streets and places we would never have seen if it hadn't been for her. She gave much interesting information. Besides the shops displaying their wares, we stopped at an old church and rested in a park. Could not have asked for a more enjoyable esperience.

Recenserad av: PHILIP G , oktober 2016

What a great food tour! Our tour guide, Despina, was fantastic-incredibly knowledgeable and informative about Athens, its history and food culture she displayed a real passion for good food and its place in Athens life-which was both irrestible and infectious! As always, the tour was a great way of getting an introduction to a new city and to meet interesting people from around the world. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough.

Recenserad av: Kyle H , september 2016

We were in Europe for about 10 days, and this food tour was easily one of the highlights. Dorina was incredibly knowledgeable, spoke English very well, and provided fantastic insight to the history and culture of Athens. The food was great, the drinks were great, and length of the tour was great. We even brought home some of the things she had us try!

Recenserad av: Petrina F , juli 2016

The knowledgeable guide took us on a walking tour of areas that were safe but though which I would have never ventured alone. We strolled through the giant food halls meat, fish, fruit. Our guide then took us to many small shops for sampling of various commonplace Greek food, including olive oil tasting. This tour was one of more interesting tours of my entire cruise/land experience. You do not have to be young to take part, just young at heart and able to walk well over uneven terrain of Athens city for a few hours. We also got a food/history lesson along the way.

Recenserad av: Paul C , juli 2016

Well worth it! The whole family enjoyed this tour. Went to local restaurants and shops representing a range of Greek food. Feel like we got the BEST representative taste of everything. Guide provided a nice mix of history and cultural background about the foods we were tasting. Full at the end!

Recenserad av: Madeline L , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: christinajameson1 , juli 2016

Our guide Doreena was great. Informative, friendly and professional. We loved the tour eapecially all the markets. Souvlaki was great too. A terrific way to spend a morning in Athens

Recenserad av: Laura H , juni 2016

Perfect to startany trip in Greece

Recenserad av: eileen w , juni 2016

Artemis was amazing! We really enjoyed her perspective as a native Athenian. We got to know some unique aspects of Greek cuisine and just had allot of fun. Couldn and #39;t recommend this tour more, especially just to get acquainted with the city!

Recenserad av: Leo D , juni 2016

It was great, informative and interesting. I am glad I went.

Recenserad av: Mars One , maj 2016

The tour was great and well organized. The ladies who ran the tour were welcoming and knowledgeable. The place we met in the morning was easy to find. We wouldn't have known all the places we visited on our own for sure. The tour ended near the flea market, which we spent a little time there after the tour. Overall, highly recommended!

Recenserad av: Stephen B , maj 2016

Great tour , great guide. Saw many interesting markets and learned a lot.

Recenserad av: Risa S , oktober 2015

This was a great experience, really unique, fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend this tour if you are in Athens.

Recenserad av: Kenneth F , september 2015

Delicious! This is a great option for your second day or second visit to Athens. We visited several local stores and tasted a wide range of Greek foods. Focus was on the true local businesses and we felt very off the tourist track. Our guide was absolutely perfect - full of knowledge and able to answer all our questions, but also took very good care of our group. Five stars for sure!

Recenserad av: Jennifer M , september 2015

This was one of the best experiences I had during my entire trip! Diana/Artemis was a truly fabulous guide. She was very well informed, funny, energetic and overall wonderful. The food was delicious, I learned a lot and I would recommend this to anyone going to Athens.

Recenserad av: Helen A , september 2015

This was a brilliant tour, we were taken around Athens and tasted many things I would not have tried. We were also advised the history of the food we were trying - amazing!! We were also given a map of where we were going and the names of the stores. This was great as I went back and bought some of the products we tasted to take back as gifts. Highly recommended!

Recenserad av: beverley.bray , augusti 2015

All the family, including my two teenagers, enjoyed this one! We started our week in Athens by taking this tour and it really gave us a flavour of the city as well as a couple of places we went back to on our own later for meals - the guide was friendly and got the whole group engaged in the places and things she showed us. Make sure to have a light breakfast to leave room for the samples of local foods that you get to taste as part of this excellent experience!

Recenserad av: Evan S , augusti 2015

The food tour gives some fantastic insight into the eating habits of the Greek people, and really explores some areas of Athens you wouldn't necessarily explore on your own, such as the meat and fish market. A great tour!

Recenserad av: Danielle K , juni 2015

Fantastic and a must do!!!!i ate so much and learned alot that helped me throughout my trip!

Recenserad av: STETSEN D , juni 2015

This might be the best tour that we have ever been on. Not only was the food great, but we had the best tour guide. She was extremely knowledgeable and fun to be around!! We had a great time and had the opportunity to try a bunch of different types of foods! Definitely a must!

Recenserad av: Jan-Alexander M , juni 2015

Wonderful and tasty.