• Plats: Athens, Greece
  • Varaktighet: 1 dag (ung.)

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Recenserad av: grios , augusti 2016

The bet way to see an visit Athens and sounion!!! highly recommended

Recenserad av: Rosemary C , juli 2016

The city tour was excellent with a professional tour guide. It was wonderful to see Cape Sounion but the tour guide was a mess. She dressed like a slob and had no information about the site. She simply kept saying the same thing over and over.

Recenserad av: Simon L , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Amanda Blair Shiff , United States of America, juni 2016

What a wonderful trip! We were so glad we were able to make it out to Sounion also!

Recenserad av: Nikhil N , november 2015

One feels like one is a part of history while walking in the shadow of the Parthenon on the Acropolis. Amazing structure. The tour of Cape Sounion offers unparalleled views all around.

Recenserad av: Tpop5 , augusti 2015

Good tour. Guide was informative. Cape Sounion was a bit far, about an hour and a half to get there and another hour and a half to get dropped back off at hotel, to only stay at the site for an hour!

Recenserad av: Heidi S , augusti 2015

I liked it because it included all the highlights. We did the Acropolis first thing and avoided crowds and heat. The guide was great and to the point.
The afternoon trip was great because we got to rest and then were taken to Sounion. We were given free time which was great.

Recenserad av: Manny , juli 2015

Awesome tour.

Recenserad av: Aida D , juni 2015

It was great to just enjoy the sights of the Acropolis and have someone explaining and pointing interesting points I'm glad I wore good sandals there was a lot of walking

Recenserad av: ANDOLFI M , maj 2015

Super guides tant pour la visite d''Athènes que pour Cap Sounion

Recenserad av: Sheena Kate Lim , Macau, mars 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Emmanuel J P , oktober 2014

I and my wife had a very good time in our honeymoon during this tour. Acropolis is amazing as well as Cape Sounion (Poseidon Temple)!!! The road sight to Cape Sounion is very beautiful... So, we enjoyed too much this trip! The time inside the Acropolis museum was quite long for us, then we left there before the group. Anyway, this is a very good tour to do when visiting Athens!

Recenserad av: Trevor D , december 2013

Very informative and well organized tour.

Recenserad av: robinmar , juni 2013

Brilliant trip superb guide very knowledgeable highly recommended

Recenserad av: Jim , augusti 2016

great tour of the acropolis, very informative guide and packed a lot into 4 hours. The Cape Sounion tour was nice but not worth the extra 4 hours and the cost. Tour guide got distracted by a straggler, very unfair to those of us who were on time and stayed with the group.

Recenserad av: Ting Xuan T , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Susan H , juli 2016

It was a pleasant day. The crowds at the Acropolis were large, and our guide did her best to accommodate our group.

Recenserad av: Chelsey , april 2016

Athens tour with Joy was wonderful, she was very knowledgeable and thorough. Cape Sounion was a long drive for not much to see/learn about to be honest. The bus was really nice and comfortable, but I don't know that t is worth making a 90 minute drive even though the drive was nice for good coastal views.

Recenserad av: pravin-patel , september 2015

very nice city to visit half day tour to Cape Sounion was nice aswell

Recenserad av: Mary F , juni 2015

Great tour if you're only in Athens for a couple of days :)

Recenserad av: FromTweety , juni 2015

It was great tour to cover the basics of Athens and check out the amazing views on the way to Cape Sounion. The city tour was in the morning and the ride to Cape Sounion is in the afternoon. The guides were very well-attended and knowledgable about ancient greek myths. It was a good introduction for visiting Greece.

Recenserad av: jay f , juni 2014

getting ready by 7:30am was well worth it. got to see most of the landmarks around the city centre and the guide explained to us what everything was and the history behind it.
the half-day cape sounion trip was awesome as well. long ride to temple of Poseidon but it was very scenic on the way. the guide was amazing and very knowledgeable.

Recenserad av: Ella L , maj 2014

All in all the tour was good.
But: the were 3 Franch speaking people on bus and our guide spent half time speaking in Franch.
That means we lost half of here valuable time.
Compering with prices in other broshures your tour is very overpriced.

Recenserad av: EM R , augusti 2013

Ths tour was great and well organised. The trip to Cape Sounion well worth it too. Picked me up and dropped me back at my hotel as well!

Recenserad av: Dora w , juli 2013

Our guide was excellent however if you prepay all though I called to let them know that a member of our team was sick and unable to make it there was no refund