• Plats: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Varaktighet: 2 or 3 hours
Från USD 124,42

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Recenserad av: Adrian B , januari 2017

Crew were great in showing off the boat - unfortunately not too much wind which can't be helped but were given a voucher to use again. Would definitely do again

Recenserad av: Jacqueline P , november 2016

We had a great time on the boat. The crew was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. A great way to see Auckland's Waitemata Harbor. Loved the rain gear wished we could have been out there longer! Highly recommended would do it again!
Jackie P.

Recenserad av: David A , april 2016

they did not go because it was too Windy. For crying our loud it is an America's Cup Sailboat that works with the wind. It cannot be too windy for this boat.

Recenserad av: Kyle J , mars 2016

The opportunity to participate as crew member and learn some basics of sailing was rewarding. The crew was knowledge, entertaining and courtesy. Highly recommended!

Recenserad av: John C , november 2015

This was a great trip. We had great views of the Auckland shore, skyline.and surrounding islands from out on the water. The staff crew were professional, friendly, and fun. They encouraged passengers to be part of the team no experience necessary. Interested passengers were allowed to take one of the two wheels. Above all, it was a real thrill to be on the open water in a racing boat at full sail including a massive jinnaker. A memorable day. Don't miss the exhibit on America's Cup Racing at the adjacent Auckland Maritime Museum- admission included as of this writing.

Recenserad av: Susan H , april 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Nic Jan B , mars 2015

Een geweldige zeilexperience. Na welkome ontvangst een goede uitleg en introductie van de boot door de schipper en bemanning. Tijdens het zeilen kreeg iedereen de gelegenheid actief deel te nemen. Bij het zien van orca's werd de koers om te fotograferen verlegd. Verschillende zeilen waaronder de gennaker werden gebruikt. Tijdens het zeilen leuke informatie over zeilen en de omgeving, kortom een echte aanrader om te doen voor wie op het water wil zijn (comfortabele, veilig en ervaring is niet nodig).

Recenserad av: Timothy R , mars 2015

An amazing experience - glorious weather, a great breeze, and a knowledgeable/fun crew.

Recenserad av: Stephen M , december 2014

Exciting, active experience- just what we wanted! It wasn't really clear, but the race is just between two boats owned by the operator. Opportunity to grind on deck almost as much as we wanted- gave a whole new appreciation for racing. Safety emphasized and crew made it fun. We would have enjoyed more explanation on what we were doing, when and why (tacking, raising and lowering spinnaker, etc.). But that doesn't take away from a fantastic and memorable experience.

Recenserad av: Michael G , mars 2014

We had great wind and the crew was very professional. It might be a little daunting to anyone a little shy around the water or has limited mobility.

Recenserad av: JK J , februari 2014

The whole experience exceeded my expectations as it was a hands on the grinders and steering this magnificent boat although I live in Auckland and have been on the harbor in various boats many times this was some thing to remember. All the crew were so professional and gave freely of their knowledge of sailing. both to me us a and to the many over seas visitors on the boat who also enjoyed this unique time on the water. To match race against another Americas boat is some thing I will never forget and thank goodness my dearest Wife gave me this as a Xmas gift. I will certainly recommend this to all my friends and colleagues .

Recenserad av: Rudy P , februari 2014

It was fabulous. We had great wind and the guys handling the boat were a long of fun while still doing a great job of boat handling. Would definitely recommend it! Thanks

Recenserad av: Rachel W , januari 2014

Having the opportunity to sail on the NZL 41 was, and remains, one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of our holiday. We were encouraged to participate by the charming crew and also enjoyed the stunning views of Aukland from the harbour. Everyone who goes to Aukland should have a go at sailing this former Americas Cup Yacht.

Recenserad av: Thomas M , januari 2014

Great day out! The guys on our boat were very efficient and got the safety drill across in a timely manner before heading out. Everyone should try grinding (ladies as well) as it is bit of a workout and good if everyone pitches in. From being behind at first we caught up and overtook so there was a great spirit on board. Lots of time for photo opportunities and to enjoy the beautiful Auckland scenery. Fantastic for tourist and also locals to enjoy time on the Harbour.

Recenserad av: Lloyd G , januari 2014

it was great!!! the staff on the boat were very informative and friendly

Recenserad av: Malcolm M , januari 2014

Excellent sailing experience - great conditions, very well run and professionally executed by an informative and friendly crew. Recommended.

Recenserad av: Erin M M , augusti 2013

My husband, son and I went on this trip, it was great fun, the staff were very helpful and friendly, as were the other passengers. It was our first time ever yachting, and although we had little wind, we had a great experience. Next time we are back in Auckland we hope to do the match racing sailing. Highly recommend.

Recenserad av: Alistair C , mars 2013

Excellent in every way:
Skipper and crew were very competent and enjoyed showing their boat off;
Even saw the new AC 72 cats being trialled

Recenserad av: Helena C , januari 2013


Recenserad av: Adrian M , mars 2012

We sailed on March 11th. A fantastic day made even better because the Volvo 70 Round the World yachts were coming in as we sailed around Auckland Harbour. An amazing experience.

Recenserad av: Kerstin W , januari 2012

I hadn't been on a yacht before and was interested in seeing how it all worked. The crew were excellent, friendly, funny and informative. Allowed people to assist but there wasn't an obligation to for those who prefferred to sit back. Great way to spend our last afternoon in NZ (and you get free tickets to the maritime museum too).

Recenserad av: David R , december 2011

Great, a Must for any keen Sailor. Auckland is a wonderful place to sail and being on a very fast ex America's boat made it even more exciting

Recenserad av: Paul B , oktober 2011

what an experience. stunning good fun

Recenserad av: Alun T , januari 2011

Great fun!

Recenserad av: Celeste F , januari 2011

Awesome! Crew were friendly and gracious. Everyone had an opportunity at the helm and grinders. It was a beautiful day on the harbor. Well worth it.