• Plats: Kona, Hawaii
  • Varaktighet: 3 dagar (ung.)
Från USD 415,62

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: Barbara S , januari 2014

This tour was amazing! We had a great tour guide who took such a good care of us. We have seen all important things on the island on this tour. We had good food, nice company, good weather, great things to see and our tour guide had a big knowledge about the whole island. Thank you so much Katie for the great time!

Recenserad av: carol R , december 2013

This camping adventure on the Big Island was the highlight of our two weeks in Hawaii.I wish there were similar opportunities on Maui and Oahu, we would have done the same there. Our guide katie was amazing. Her knowlege of the island history as well as geology and native [and non-native] plants was in deptha nd of great interest to us. She paced the trip well and bercause of her guidance we were then able to take advantage of out of the way state parks or beach access on the other islands. Katie was special!