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Recenserad av: Jayne W , februari 2017

Definitely needed the expertise of our tour guide,Kawicka, to do all the driving and provide us with all his knowledge about the island and its history - he was kind, courteous, and very attune to our group's needs from getting a car seat to changing the location of our delicious lunch so that we would all be able to have seats and be covered from the impending rain! and to providing rain jackets for passengers that needed them!!...the van was comfortable and the lunch boxes we were given were quite unique! Long, memorable day but well worth it!! The only negative thing to mention has absolutely nothing to do with our guide he really was wonderful - I would highly recommend that the tour company be more careful in adding any passengers with children under the age of 2 to do this very long day trip to a van full of adults - it was hard to hear Kawicka talking to us over the noisy, and sometimes crying, toddler sitting behind us.

Recenserad av: Linda Wardell W , februari 2017

Our tour was wonderful. E was our guide and did a great job. We took this tour our first day on the big island so we could get an idea of what we wanted to see and do on our own. The last time we took this tour, the only negative was - there were no sea turtles on the beach. This trip is worth every penny!!
Blair, Nebraska

Recenserad av: Marc R , januari 2017

Kevin our tour guy was the besy

Recenserad av: Annette L F , januari 2017

Our guide, Jonathan, was a walking encyclopedia of Hawaiin knowledge. He knew everything! Our island tour was more than we expected and I highly recommend wasabi tours

Recenserad av: roger , United States of America, januari 2017

We had an outstanding time. All our questions that we had prior to arriving on the Big Island were answered by Kala Holiday, our Tour Guide, in the first 20 minutes of our day. Kala was outstanding as he explained the history of the Hawaiian Islands, the Chiefs and Cheiftess', the arrival Captain Cook and how the King brought one rule of law over all the Islands. The sight seeing was tremendous. Not only did we get to see the Sea Turtles, the Black Sand beach, the Volcano, Rainbow Falls, Akaka Falls, Kahuna Falls, but all the information of where the Jurassic movies and Waterworld were made, but the information shared by Kala made our day. Thank you - well worth the money. Kala also provided us tips and directions for the rest of our vacation so we could venture out on our own.

Recenserad av: Angela M , januari 2017

We took the Big Island in a day tour and were so glad we did! There is no way we could have seen so much of this wonderful island in one day had we tried on our own. We went through cattle country, lush valleys, saw high waterfalls, molten lava and steam vents, lava tubes and black sand beach, as well as acres of macadamia nuts and coffee trees! All in a well-paced flow that didn't wear out the older members of our party. And our guide, Kai, was exceptional in his knowledge of the local history and stories, explaining the Hawaiian language and words to us, and making sure all our needs were met. This was the highlight of our trip!!!

Recenserad av: Hector G , januari 2017

The entire day was an amazing experience. Every site that we visited was well worth it. There was no dead time during the day because our guide, Darian Dreu Basaldua, kept us entertained with stories about the island. He is very knowledgeable and can speak for hours about the history and sites of the island. I can't say that I have a favorite place, but the volcano craters, waterfalls, and black sand beaches are a breathtaking scene.

Recenserad av: Richard C , januari 2017

We had one day off from playing golf during our time on Big Island and decided to use this tour to learn as much as we could about the island and its past in the limited time available. We were not disappointed. We saw active though not very active volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls, deserts, rain forests and even green turtles resting on a black sand beach. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about his island home, its folklore, history and ecology and kept up a very entertaining and informative commentary throughout the tour. I came away from the tour feeling that I had a much greater understanding of the changes to the island and its life caused by earthquakes and volcanic activity, the resourcefulness and achievements of the native Polynesian peoples, the effects caused when 2 differing societies Polynesian and Western first encounter each other and the effect that Man has had on this island ecology. All this in one day!

I can thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to spend an entertaining day gaining a fuller understanding of Big Island, its history and ecology.

Recenserad av: marlys m , januari 2017

IT was a very good trip our guide did a great job of telling our group of all the sites he took us to.

Recenserad av: Daniel C , januari 2017

Was amazing, especially our tour guide Kala. Highly recommend.

Recenserad av: Harsh S , december 2016

Tour was amazing and our Guide Justin was very knowledgable. We saw a lot of great stuff in one day.

Recenserad av: Evan W K , december 2016

Got a bird's eye view of the island, including exploring the volcano and our guide sharing interesting folklore about the island.

Recenserad av: Karen L , december 2016

We had a wonderful time! Jonathan was our tour guide and he kept us engaged for the entire tour. He was so knowledgeable and answered all questions. I learned so much about the island and knew what I wanted to see more of. I would definitely highly recommend this tour to anyone. A

Recenserad av: Zoya S , december 2016

Love the trip. Tour guide, Kai, is very knowledgeable and pleasant. We had a great time.

Recenserad av: ccaz , december 2016

Fantastic trip. Well looked after. Guide very friendly and very informative. A great time had by all and our spirits were not dampened by the rain. THANKYOU...

Recenserad av: KINAM S , november 2016

Our tour guide - Kai was wonderful - so much knowledge of the Island's history! Thank you! Kinam

Recenserad av: Michelle M , november 2016

The best way to see the island is a short amount of time. Our tour guide Darian was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and went out of his way to make sure everyone on the bus was happy! We got to see waterfalls, and volcanos, and sea turtles, and we were very lucky with the fantastic weather!
I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the big island!

Recenserad av: Lorelle F , november 2016

As a local born on the island, our guide was very knowledgeable. The waterfalls were amazing and walking through the rainforest was unreal. So beautiful!

Recenserad av: David M , oktober 2016

The tour was amazing and the guide was very informative.

Recenserad av: Olivia Z , oktober 2016

This tour was AMAZING!! We were immediately impressed by the knowledge that was shared, even just in the first few minutes of the drive. Kala was our tour guide and we feel very lucky to have had him!! He kept the entire tour interesting with the little history lessons of the island! I highly recommend Kala for anyone looking for a thorough tour of the Island! Not only did we get to see some of our wish list places on this tour, but Kala was able to share information with us about other spots, which we were able to see on our own the next day!! I can't stress enough how amazing this tour was!!! Thank you Kala and Wasabi tours for the amazing experience!!

Recenserad av: Michael W. B , oktober 2016

My husband and I enjoyed this tour very much. We didn't have a lot of time on the Big island so this was a great way to see a lot of sights in one day. Tour guide Kevin was both very informative and entertaining. Even though the tour was long 11 hours from pick up to drop off, the time went by fast. The views of the waterfalls and valleys were amazing and going to the top of the volcano and into the lava tube was spectacular. Also saw lots of sea turtles resting on the black beach. Highly recommend!

Recenserad av: Patricia D , oktober 2016

My husband and I really enjoyed the Big Island in one day tour. We found it to be the best thing we did on this trip to Hawaii and we went parasailing, took a helicopter tour and went to a luau, too. Although we enjoyed each of our adventures, the tour of the island was the most outstanding because our guide, Kevin, was so very knowledgeable and interesting! It had been raining recently so the waterfalls were full and so beautiful. The small group made it easy to get around and to get to know each other a bit. Lunch was very good and not the typical boxed sandwich we had expected. We went to the volcano, the black sand beach, an orchid facility. The approximately 11-hour tour was everything we wanted and more! We could not be more pleased!

Recenserad av: Marlese P , oktober 2016

Mike was a terrific guide. His commentary was excellent. We had never been to Kona so this was a great way to orient ourselves to the island and learn where the good beaches, restaurants, etc. are on Kona.

Recenserad av: Jeannie Y , september 2016

Kela was great

Recenserad av: Hans-Jurgen G , september 2016

The tour was awesome and there was more information. The day was full of Waterfalls, Beautiful views, and topped off with the volcano. it was spectacular. The tour guide Kala was awesome, courteous and knowledgeable.