• Plats: Bologna, Italy
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Gregory S A , januari 2017

The tour guide for our Walking Tour was excellent I'm sorry that I didn't catch her name. She did the tour in both English and Italian and she moved us along, even though it was pretty cold. I have been to Bologna many times, but never took a tour. I saw things I had never seen before. I especially enjoyed the Anatomy Room in the original University of Bologna the first University in Europe and the amazing law library in the Archigennasio. From there we went to the Church of Santa Maria della Vita and saw the incredible terracotta statues of Niccolo dell'Arca. Incredible images of Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and others standing over the body of Jesus laid in the tomb. I have never seen such expressions of pain and grief on statues before. They are masterpieces We then got to the Basilica of San Petronio in time to see the meridian line displaying the sun at its highest point in the sky on the floor of the Basilica. The whole tour was excellent and I highly recommend it!

Recenserad av: gardengoo , september 2016


Recenserad av: Edward W , september 2016

Our guide was extremely knowledgable and shared many tidbits of information not found in a guidebook or history book. Well worth the the time

Recenserad av: Christopher V , september 2016

Informative and enjoyable

Recenserad av: Alyse A , United States of America, augusti 2016

I loved this tour. The tour guide was a local and was very knowledgeable. You could tell she was proud of Bologna and truly loved her city. It was one of my favorite things we did in all of Italy. I highly recommend the tour. The only tip I have is to bring cover ups for your arms and legs. I wasn't aware we were going into a church during the tour and missed out on that part because I didn't have anything to cover my shoulders and legs. My husband wore a tank top and also could not go in. You can buy a cover up for one Euro in the church, but we just arrived and didn't have any cash on us.

Recenserad av: lamlam , juni 2016

Very nice tour. Knowledge and friendly guide.

Recenserad av: Peter D , juni 2016

Great tour
Very beautiful and interesting city
Guide was very good

Recenserad av: Luisella M , juni 2016

Very interesting

Recenserad av: Jacqueline D , juni 2016

Just ok to know bologna center

Recenserad av: marita , mars 2016

Excelente la guia nos explico todo a detalle con un gran conocimiento del tema y nos encanto que visitamos la ciudad incluido un mercado con toda la comida tipica Bolognesa

Recenserad av: Pauline J , maj 2015

Our guide was friendly, informative and extremely knowledgeable. The 2 hours was a pleasant stroll around Bologna covering the highlights of the city. I would thoroughly recommend this walking tour.

Recenserad av: jose r , maj 2015

We loved the Bologna tour. Frederico was a very informative guide. The tour is very interesting, we got to know the history of the city and the best sightseeings.

Recenserad av: ANTONIO F , januari 2015

La ciudad es preciosa y el guía sabe sacarle aún mejor partido! Totalmente recomendable para quién realiza una visita rápida a la ciudad, como en mi caso!

Recenserad av: Barbara K , oktober 2016

Great guide - knowedgeable and enthusiastic - clearly enjoyed what she was going. Our tour was in both English and Italian so it felt very authentic. Only downside was the rain which didn't dampen her spirits!

Recenserad av: Antonina G , juli 2016

Very good overview. The use of Audio for all participants was excellent. Did not have to be next to guide to hear everything. Would highly recommend as the first exposure to visiting Bologna.

Recenserad av: Gavin A , juni 2016

The tour was quite interesting and very informative. The guide was quite knowledgeable about all the sites visited. Gave some handy hints of things to see and do in the local area. The only down side was there was a non-English speaking family on the tour so everything had to be explained twice, which made the tour a bit 'clunky'. However it was great that the tour guide was multi lingual and able to include all of us in the tour.

Recenserad av: Helen N , september 2015

Guide was animated, knowledgable and it was fantastic. We learnt so much about Bolognas history.

Recenserad av: Nancy E , november 2016

This tour is a must for any one new to Bologna. Who knew there was this much world history in a 4 block radius of the town center. Our guide was excellent. We would rate this tour a 5 except for the scheduling by the tour company. Our tour was suppose to be in English, but when we arrived we found out it would also be given in Italian. This meant that all the information had to be delivered twice. This was extremely distracting and caused the tour to run 3 hours in length.

Recenserad av: Ana María M , november 2016

The tour is not in english, at least not only. It is bilingual in english and italian. The problem is that from the 2 hours you are only given 1 hour information. It is, then, poor, you get few information for the price. The guide was nice and the city amazing :

Recenserad av: Jeff D , Australia, oktober 2016

We were a little disappointed with this tour. Booked the English tour and there were also some itailians booked. As a result the tour guide had to deliver in both languages which took too much time. The guide covered areas as per schedule but we found it slow.

Recenserad av: Konstantin K , mars 2015

Bologna has not THAT much to offer, so if you want a primer, this tour is worth it. A few pitfalls - it's in both Italian and English, so you get half the information you could have gotten in 120 min, and the English language skills of our guide were not great. Overall Bologna is a bit depressing.

Recenserad av: Judy B , november 2016

Our guide was knowledgable, personable and truly is proud of the city! However, she had to translate everything into Italian which left a lot of idle time standing around waiting and not enough time to ask the questions we would have liked or get more details.

Recenserad av: colin B , september 2016

the tour was cut short due to lack of guides and ours being done in two languages english and italian by one guide

Recenserad av: Lisa E , mars 2016

I had thought that I booked an English-speaking tour but apparently that did not preclude other languages being spoken by the tour guide. The tour was conducted in English and Italian. I therefore lost out on at least 50 if not more, the guide was Italian of the tour plus all of the questions and answers that were in Italian and not English. Moreover, it was clear that while the guide's command of English was fine, he was getting very flustered. So he would start speaking in Italian, and end the sentence in English. He also forgot words because it is not easy switching back and forth between English and Italian. All in all, I felt that this was one of the worst Viatours that I have taken, entirely due to the language problem.

Recenserad av: Kristen P , april 2016

By far the worst walking tour I have ever done! This was the last tour we did in Italy after doing several in other cities and this one was bad bad bad. I see the other reviews are positive and maybe we just got unlucky but this tour was painful. Our group was close to 20 people and there were three Italians on the tour so consequently we had to have every explanation in both english and italian, had I known this would be a multi language tour I would have never booked it. We didn't even make it out of the main square in front of the tourism office for over an hour and didn't get to any of the interesting sites until the last 30 minutes nor did we see everything that was promised. The guide was Spanish doing a tour in English and Italian and the delivery was so dry and boring it was almost laughable. We only had one day in Bologna and I wanted to take a walking tour to learn a little bit about the city in our short time there and the fact that we wasted time on this tour just makes me mad.