• Plats: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Varaktighet: 10 timmar 30 minuter (ung.)
Från USD 581,13

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: TAKAI H , oktober 2014

Excellent, educational and enjoyed especially from one that comes from the South Pacific.

Recenserad av: Anonym , juni 2012

Awesome day trip and well worth the money! Smooth operation.

Recenserad av: Bandit , USA, juni 2012

Great day trip and a good escape from Buenos Aires! Montevideo is like a small Bs As and definitely worth a visit. It has some great museums, parks and plazas and must-see landmarks - Teatro Solis, the Rambla and the Castillo Pittamiglio, amongst others! I would recommend!

Recenserad av: Pawel J , april 2011

Very good,

Recenserad av: Jorge A , december 2012

our trip was very enjoyable and went well. pick up and drop off were on time, would not recommend to any one, to much in one day. from start to finish, a 16hr. day.

Recenserad av: Robert L , mars 2014

Your pretty much on your own with this one. Theres no tour guide. I never received any help at all. I enjoyed seeing Montivideo, but it would have been better to just go to the Buquebus website and buy your own ticket. Its cheaper.

Recenserad av: Christopher M N , april 2015

This tour was big disappointment. Not worth taking - better buy round trip ticket at ferry place for USD 100, and hoop on/off bus tour locally for USD 15. You get pretty much same thing with this trip. No tour guide, no tour in English. Beware that trip is really 17 hours long, from 5:30 am t 10:30 pm advertised as 10.5 hrs long. First bad experience ever with Viator.