• Plats: Cairo, Egypt
  • Varaktighet: 3 - 4 hours
Från USD 48,00

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Recenserad av: Ashleyida6 , december 2015

The Sakkara step pyramid was incredible! It's really close to Giza. Memphis didn't have as much, but it was still great to see. Our tour guide Tito was so informative! I highly recommend asking for him!

Recenserad av: Julie K , november 2015

Two unknown gems that people should really see on their trip to Cairo. Travel was easy and Ahmad was the best guide and very knowledgeable. Thank you Ahmad for taking such good care of us!

Recenserad av: Sione Sonata T , oktober 2015

Step back in time and walk through one of the ancient capitals of Egypt. Truly an amazing opportunity plus a great young Egyptologist who have gave us great insight into the history of this wonderful place. I would highly recommend friends and colleagues to visit this place along with this tour company that have taken us on this tour.

Recenserad av: Janet M , maj 2015

Again another highly experienced guide who added so much to our trip.

Recenserad av: Frank H , juni 2013

Again, great tour guide mixed with some must see sights. The first pyramid (step pyramid by Imhotep) built almost 5000 years ago to be so well preserved, also got to go into the pyramid of Tite in Saqarra. Then memphis, with the statue of Ramses (worth the price alone) With your own Egyptoligist. (was alone and it became a private tour) Heaven for a man or woman that loves history!!

Recenserad av: Michael L , februari 2013

An absolutely wonderful tour. Chaly was a fantastic tour guide. My friend and I were picked up to the hotel and taken to Memphis. The tour guide spoke English very well and explained everything very in-depth. I highly recommend that you do this tour.

Recenserad av: STEPHEN m , november 2012

good value for money and a great guide

Recenserad av: Michelle W , november 2012

We had a great time. I went with my husband, 9 and 11 year old and my 2 month old. We travelled in a private van so I could take breaks to feed the baby. We had a fantastic time! The Guide was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English.

Recenserad av: Samantha O , maj 2012

We took this tour on our first full day in Cairo, and it was the perfect way to kick start our trip to Egypt. Our guide was terrific, providing us with historical and current information about Egypt which helped lay the foundation for other not-to-be-missed ancient sites. I highly recommend it.

Recenserad av: Luiz R , januari 2012

Sakkara is a must see, the first pyramid built in Egypt. The guide was kind and helpful and gave us any time we need to see the attractions.

Recenserad av: Rard , november 2011

The Private Tour Given was Amazing. My tour guide was excellent ,and gave very interesting facts while on our exploration. He even recommended and assisted with the photography. He was the absolute best.

Recenserad av: Tim , United Kingdom, november 2010


Recenserad av: DEBORAH R , United Kingdom, juni 2010

Excellennt tour with excellent guide and driver. Very informative and plenty of free time. Guide happy to talk about all things Eqypt and so could learn a lot about Eqyptian culture, life, eccomy etc.

Recenserad av: Michael B , Australia, maj 2010

Would recommend that you do Dashur, then this tour and then the Giza pyramids so that you get everything in historical order.

Recenserad av: Anonym , Australia, maj 2010

The guide, Ahmed was superb. Very knowledgeable. Spoke English very well. We really enjoyed both of these tours.

Recenserad av: Michael B , USA, februari 2010

I would like to thank both Viator and the tour operator for an outstanding job. The guides did an outstanding job and made the tour very enjoyable. Like at the Great Pyramids, be aware of individuals that want to give you free gifts. They are not free, and they will hassle with you for money. Avoid these individuals no matter how friendly and sincere they seem to be. Our guide warned us of these individuals. I also recommend visiting the carpet factories when leaving the Step Pyramid. Great values and they create employment for the poor people in the area.

Recenserad av: MARGARET SHEILA B , United Kingdom, september 2009

A brilliant day, very informative.

Recenserad av: Thomas W , Germany, maj 2009

Excellent tour guide! Very knowledgeable!

Recenserad av: Tricia , USA, mars 2009

Our English speaking guide was great.

Recenserad av: Cynthia S , USA, december 2008

The tour we had was fantastic. To see the sights and the info that our Egyptologist provided was amazing. Our guide was able to point out the original paintings and explain what they meant from either the drawings or on a Kartush. We did find it difficult to keep all of the different dynasties separate and know which Pharaoh was with which Pyramid. We probably should have studied a little more before our trip so we could have better understood everything we saw. Our guide spent extra time with us and took us to a small local restaurant to experience authentic Egyptian food! We couldn't have asked for anything else. A private tour is the only way to see Egypt. I wish I could give the guide and the tour more than four stars.

Recenserad av: Joseph I , USA, september 2008


Recenserad av: Joseph C , Ireland, augusti 2008

The tour I had was fantastic. To see the sights and the info that my Egyptologist provided, it was more than worth it. No trip to Cairo or surrounding area is worth it without going on this trip. Very well priced too compared to some other not so good companies!!

Recenserad av: Anonym , Ireland, augusti 2008

Both the guide and driver were excellent. Her English was excellent and she was really helpful and had a pleasant disposition. Comfortable transport and plenty of space for the 6 of us.

Recenserad av: Anonym , Ireland, juli 2007

The tour leader was very helpful and showed great initiative. Transportation was efficient and the guide was extremely knowledgeable and flexible. All in all it was a very memorable experience.

Recenserad av: Rajesh P , september 2016

Excellent guide Mr Osama and the Driver too. Both of them on time to pick up.Mr Osama was wonderful joking during the travel and informative at site.Thanks a lot Viator and team