• Plats: Cozumel, Mexico
  • Varaktighet: 5 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 64,99

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Recenserad av: Carla G , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Kevin S , USA, februari 2010

We were picked up on the pier at our resort, instructed on how to wear the snorkeling gear and taken to the first reef. The water was somewhat rough but once you looked into the water, the reef was full of beautiful sea life. The crew was helpful and ready to assist you even in the water. There was a photographer onboard who even went in the water to take photos of you snorkeling. That was a special memento. Then the beach party was a welcome rest from the water, the food was good and the kids played on the inflatable water toys. Then we boarded the catamaran and they dropped us off back at our resort's pier. We'd take this tour again!

Recenserad av: Anonym , USA, december 2009

It was a great time. The beach was great, wish we could have stayed longer. The water was so blue and pretty.

Recenserad av: Claudia P , USA, november 2009

The trip was a lot of fun, and we greatly enjoyed the snorkeling, the music, and the food. However, the tour was delayed in leaving, so we ended up eating at about 430 pm and we got back to the ferry landing about 40 minutes late and missed the boat we needed to take back to Playa del Carmen. We had to wait two hours until the next ferry, which also happened to be last one out for the day. You may want to consider earlier tour times for this activity.

Recenserad av: Marilyn M , maj 2011

I was really disappointed with the snorkeling. Palancar reef does not have the numerous fish I was expecting. We went out on a smaller boat later in the week where there were many more fish. The "Hamburger in Paradise" was good though.

Recenserad av: James O , Canada, februari 2010

Tour was OK, saw some see turtles, but the coral was so far below the surface we couldn't see many fish. I also found it quite crowded in the water, you couldn't swim without kicking someone or being kicked. The beach we went to for the beach party was beautiful. Pure white sand, plenty of water activities--kayaks, water trampoline, aqua glide. In San Miguel, you can get this type of trip for less and it comes with a full Mexican buffet not just a hamburger and tiny salad bar. The guides, however, were very helpful and friendly.

Recenserad av: Edmund R , juli 2015

The snorkelling whas kinda of like being herded like cows you all had to stay in one big pack and i ended up kicking people and getting kicked.
The beach party was okay, but mainly for kids.
I would have preferred a real sailboat that uses sail power they had sails but only used them for show - the motor was used all the time
I will try another, perhaps smaller, cruise next time.
The booze was good.