• Plats: Hanga Roa, Chile
  • Varaktighet: 8 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 125,00

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Recenserad av: Bugqueen , juli 2016

Was great. We had 4 days on Easter Island I booked the tour for our first full day on the island. Then we could plan the rest of our days with our new found knowledge.This tour takes you to all the major sites that are out of Hanga Roa, we hiked to all the other sites. Excellent tour

Recenserad av: William A S , juni 2016

This tour was excellent due to a few things: our guide, Christina, was very informative without being too talkative the scenery was, of course, beautiful with cooperative weather and the group of travelers was nice and respectful of each other.

Recenserad av: Chung Lin W , september 2015

Great guide. Equal English and Spanish explanations.

Recenserad av: Siddartha B , juli 2016

I would just get a rental car and do it your self.

Recenserad av: Pier R , januari 2015

That was nice but once again : too expensive!!!!