• Plats: Florens, Italien
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar 30 minuter (ung.)
Från USD 73,25

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Recenserad av: lstrayhorn , oktober 2016

If you can handle the steps this tour and the special access is well worth it! Part of the Duomo you cannot see in any other way.

Recenserad av: Darlene B , september 2016

We almost missed this tour and thankfully the tour operator called us and reconnected us with the group. We really appreciated this. The guide was knowledgeable and provided a lot of interesting information. The 450 steps to the top are challenging and when one of group could not make it, they were able to reconnect with group at the bottom and continue. The Baptistery was beautiful and the guides coverage of not only the doors but the mosaic ceiling was great.

Recenserad av: ljp529 , augusti 2016

The Duomo is so beautiful, I highly recommend this tour! Climbing the Dome is well worth it. It is tiring, but the view from the top is spectacular. The Baptistry was also very interesting. We also stopped for gelato, which was apparently included in the tour. :).

Recenserad av: Shirley P , augusti 2016

Lots of information from the guide and since the lines were super long, skipping them was perfect.

Recenserad av: Pamela W , juli 2016

What a treat! Perfect tour! This climb is well worth it... Unique as you wind your way to the top but well worth it!

Recenserad av: jeffrey b , juli 2016

The tour guide Christina was amazing. The tour was fantastic.

Recenserad av: James F , juli 2016

Loved this! Christina was a wonderful guide and this was one of the best things we did. The views from the top of the dome are amazing and so worth the climb!

Recenserad av: kevingaither , juli 2016

Well worth it. It and #39;s crowded coming down which is a bummer. If you and #39;re claustrophobic this isn and #39;t for you. But for amazing views of Florence I and #39;d strongly recommend. We loved it. 463 steps up!

Recenserad av: MR D , juli 2016

Really great tour, guide Kristina was very informative and although there are a lot of stairs to climb, there was no hurry and you could do it at your own pace. The views from the top are worth the climb alone. Excellent tour!

Recenserad av: Andy W , juni 2016

Marco brought the city to life. Very funny guy too. Highly recommended!

Recenserad av: Todd D , juni 2016

Amazing views at the top and the climb wasn and #39;t that bad. It and #39;s 463 steps and my wife was dreading it. However, she made it up just fine. You don and #39;t have to be in good shape to do it, but there and #39;s many very tight spaces. Very memorable tour. Don and #39;t miss the basilica and museum afterwards.

Recenserad av: Joan G , juni 2016

This was a terrific experience! The guide, Valentina, was superb. She was knowledgeable and interesting, with a fun personality. She escorted us through the cathedral and the baptistry and climbed with us through layer upon layer of the dome, explaining the history, the architecture, and the art as we went. She helped us take the perfect photos and pointed out landmarks from the top. An excellent tour and tour guide!

Recenserad av: catherinerhoff , juni 2016

Amazing! We got to see things that were off limits to general public, we saw the best of the best, our guide was fabulous! Highly knowledgeable guide.

Recenserad av: BÜLENT G , juni 2016


Recenserad av: Deirdre W , maj 2016

Is one of those things you have to do if you are in Florence, definitely Yes!

Recenserad av: Jennifer K , maj 2016

Loved this tour! Seeing Florence from the top of the Duomo was breathtaking! The stair climb was fun, although there were some very tight spots! Especially with other tours coming down while we were going up. But to see the dome fresco so close up was well worth the climb.

Recenserad av: Paul G , november 2015

Bennedetta was the best guide ever! Super nice and extremely knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in good physical condition and is NOT claustrophobic in any way. You are climbing 463 steps of carved stones in very narrow stairwells that get smaller the higher you go. If that's not a problem, it's well worth the physical effort when you reach the top and the journey down is nothing.

Recenserad av: Philip E , oktober 2015

We loved this tour and our guide so much. She went over and beyond to relate the history of each location and the art. Ending with gelato was an inspired choice too!

Recenserad av: bob_mich.bethke , oktober 2015

A long climb up, but so worth it!

Recenserad av: w.huber , oktober 2015

From the outside the Duomo is awe-inspiring. The interior is much less so. But from up-close, both inside and outside, the dome is incredible. Even without knowing the creativity required to build the dome, its size, beauty and height are impressive. The 360 steps, often narrow and dark, are not a big problem, as our guide stopped often for rest and photos. We got to go outside to view the dome and Florence from a unique vantage point. Our guide was informative, funny and encouraging. Overall this was a great and inspiring tour.

Recenserad av: Susan H , augusti 2015

Great tour. Great friendly guide.

Recenserad av: Sachin , United States of America, juli 2015

I will certainly recommend this tour for all the fitness fanatics. It is certainly not for the weak at heart, but the views from the top of the dome are spectacular. Go for it!!

Recenserad av: Elin S , juli 2015

Bra Guide med god service. Øretelefoner fungerte dårlig -vanskelig å høre guiden om du ikke stod veldig nært.

Recenserad av: debsinak , juli 2015

LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE! I've been to the top of the dome before without a tour guide and this was definitely worth every penny. No standing in line AT ALL! Our guide took us to parts of the Cathedral that were off-limits without a security escort including a balcony just below the dome where we saw truly unique views of the architecture and the city. It was a highlight of our trip. My teen daughter enjoyed it as much as I did. REMEMBER to cover your shoulders and knees for the first part of this tour! We had to buy shawls at the last minute.

Recenserad av: Teresa P , juli 2015

This is a great tour. We had access to portions of the church that weren't open to the general public. Our guide, Cristina, was wonderful.....friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable. The views of Florence from the dome are breathtaking! Book this tour and request Cristina as your guide!