• Plats: Florens, Italien
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar 30 minuter (ung.)

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Baptistry interior dome

Pamela D, juli 2016

Stepping back from the Renaissance to the Byzantine - amazing in a whole different way

The Baptistry

Pamela D, juli 2016

our next stop - from the roof walkway along the main body of the church

The Duomo View

Pamela D, juli 2016

Yup - we climbed up from way down there

Almost there

Pamela D, juli 2016

A view of the top from a walkway along the main body of the church

The climb

Pamela D, juli 2016

Stairs between the inner and outer shells that make up the dome


Pamela D, juli 2016

Looking up to our destination - climbing to the top of the dome!

Duomo Dome Up-Close

w.huber, oktober 2015

Brunelleschi's Masterpiece above Florence