• Plats: Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
  • Varaktighet: Varies
Från USD 33,99

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Recenserad av: Pamela J , USA, oktober 2014

Great guy picked us up from airport. On a larger group bus on the way back. Guide helpful. Small airport, plenty of cabs.

Recenserad av: Sab , september 2014

Perfect! On time and very professional! They helped us with the check-in once we arrived at the hotel by getting the cards to fill out and shorten the wait. There was a little bit of business intention behind as the driver tried to sell us more Tours. But it was nice to be taken care of anyway since nobody speaks English properly in this part of the country.
On our way back to the airport, the guide helped us by unloading our suitcases first, showed us the proper entrance as it can be confusing, and a little explanation about the specific procedure as Iguacu is in the border of 3 countries.
Very pleased with the whole experience and very helpful for this region.

Recenserad av: jpapadak , juli 2014

Airport transfers were reliable and well organized.

Recenserad av: JOSE T , maj 2014

Excellent service

Recenserad av: Antoine A , april 2014

Perfect! On time, spoke English and knowledgeable

Recenserad av: Amber H , mars 2014

awesome great company and amazing tour guides.

Recenserad av: Duddana W , augusti 2013

No problems. Very easy.

Recenserad av: MARTIN P , United Kingdom, december 2012

Excellent service. Only person from the airport in my own minibus with a driver and a guide. Return service prompt even at 3:45am

Recenserad av: Padmakar G , september 2012

This was an excellent service. We were concerned on our return trip because nobody called us for a pick up time. After a few calls, it turned out that the Argentina-Brazil border was closed due to some strike. They arranged three different taxis to get us from our hotel to the airport, one on each side, one in between plus about half mile walk on the Iguassu river bridge! We were happy finally to reach the airport. I am sure we would not have made it on our own that day!!!

Recenserad av: DARREN DALGLISH , United Kingdom, januari 2012

Excellent service

Recenserad av: Roberta F , mars 2014

Muito útil e o serviço foi bom, mas achei um pouco caro.

Recenserad av: delalando , april 2016

The guide and driver met us promptly at the airport and again at the hotel.
Although this could be done more cheaply using local taxis or, better yet, complementary transfer for some hotels, it does make things easier after a late flight or a long day of touring.

Recenserad av: Christina Y , december 2013

The pick up was good and on time.

Recenserad av: hartsantos , oktober 2015

We were disappointed as soon as we landed at Foz do Iguazu airport. No one greeted and picked us at the airport! After we asked around to other pickup staff, they directed us to some one who was supposed to pickup us. Thanks to other pickup staff for their hospitality and assistance! Picking a taxi at the airport may just be a better option, because we don't expect to picked up.

Recenserad av: Maaa , Latvia, maj 2015

No one showed to pick me up...

Recenserad av: cloran1956 , USA, oktober 2014

Did not arrive for return to airport!,,,