• Plats: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  • Varaktighet: 25 minuter (ung.)

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Från USD 224,99

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: softballmistie , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Albert E W , juni 2016

Great tour - terrible service with Viator. We will never book through Viator again.

Recenserad av: Yun Min X , mars 2015

Wonderful tout. Worth it!!!! There are several companies and offices at airport. It is better to mention Maverick company and provide map of airport on voucher.

Recenserad av: Glenn L , december 2014

Staff were great and the experience was mind blowing! Huge wow factor!

Recenserad av: Mildred B , oktober 2014

We really enjoyed our helicopter ride! Very pleased with our Pilot---Brett!
Our trip was valuable to our first visit to Grand Canyon. Thank You.

Recenserad av: Elizabeth H , september 2014

Very well organised. Smooth flight and, of course, fabulous scenery. People vry friendly and efficient.

Recenserad av: William L , december 2013

Wow. What a great ride. Nice "terminal", professional people, great friendly pilot, smooth ride, beautiful view, and what appears to be a very modern Helicopter... 4 X 4 Seating on our trip, the filled the front row (Pilot + 3), and the back row had 2, one on each window, so that way everyone had a window seat. would recommend to everyone.

Recenserad av: alexander f , oktober 2013

This was an excellent tour and worth every penny particularly as we were upgraded by Maverick to the 45 minute trip instead of the 25 minute.

Recenserad av: Derek W , augusti 2013

Great value helicopter trip through part of the Grand Canyon. You get to see South and North rim and fly below the rim a little. Due to restrictions which minimise the noise for other visitors it is not a fly anywhere trip, but you see plenty and it is an ideal complement to a hike below the rim.

Recenserad av: James S , juli 2013

All in all, a great experience!

Recenserad av: Carol G , oktober 2012

what can i say great flight great pilot fantastic experience

Recenserad av: Lliberated , juli 2012

Great trip. Very well organised. Great way to see the Grand Canyon. Would definitely recommend this trip.

Recenserad av: Peter M C , april 2012

Seeing Grand Canyon was amazing. Seeing it via helicopter too was the icing on the cake. Incredible. The helicopter was modern and the pilots knowledgeable and friendly. This is a "must" for anyone visiting the Canyon. It goes to places hat yo rarely see from he ground. We went in mid April and you can't even get to the North Rim until May, but that didn;t stop the helicopter.
You can get a DVD of the adventure to remember it forever.

Recenserad av: JAN M , april 2012

It was a wonderful experience...the absolutely best way to see the Grand CanyonI highly recommend it to everyone who visits the Grand Canyon.

Recenserad av: Christopher B , april 2012

Awesome. Everyone at Maverick was wonderful. The pilots were great and since it was windy, other companies were not flying--but we did and it was awesome. If you go to the canyon you have to do a helicopter ride...

Recenserad av: Donna A , oktober 2011

Great diffenitly a must do!

Recenserad av: David J , september 2011

Trip was fantastic. Jason,the pilot told us lots of information in a humorous way. It was the highlight of our trip to the U.S.A.

Recenserad av: Thanh Tai V , september 2011

The flight was fantastic. Friendly staff and good service. Although it was only 25 minutes, but the flight seemed longer. The views were marvellous. Highly recommended

Recenserad av: Rosella S , augusti 2011

We had a wonderful helicopter tour with Viator. It is a sleek operation and our pilot (Jason) was very knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and made it a very enjoyable experience. The photo and DVD which we purchased after our trip will help us to remember a great day.

Recenserad av: LeeAnn F , maj 2011

Had a great time, well worth the money. Friendly group, they make you feel special and comfortable. Had fun!!!

Recenserad av: Sharon M , oktober 2014

I had to sit in the back in the middle, so I didn't have the best view. I'm sure that it was because I was heavier than the other passengers. It was a great ride, but I wish I could have had a better seat.

Recenserad av: Kerry P , januari 2014

The pilot David was fantastic. It was our first time on a helicopter. We all felt safe and were entertained with his fun and extensive Grand Canyon knowledge. A trip we will never forget. Thank you all :)