• Plats: Izmir, Turkey
  • Varaktighet: 8 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Vesa A , juni 2015

This was a perfect tour - very nice weather and excellent tour object. My tour guide - Sigdem Göktas - gave a very good and thorough presentation of Pergamum and Asklepion. She also gave me some free time to shoot photos and walk freely along the tour sites. My guide was very polite and answered to all my questions very patiently. Also drive to tour site and back was nice and in time. Pergamum itself is located to unique place on top of the hill, which gave exceptionally nice sceneries. Surely a place to visit. Many thanks to Neon and Viator!

Recenserad av: Gary W , oktober 2014

friendly guide very nice tour had plenty of time to see the sights

Recenserad av: Mohammad Mehdi S , september 2014

Very well managed tour with a very good guide. Both Pergamum and Asklepion are absolutely worth visiting. My trip was during off season and there was only three of us in this tour. This made it more like a private tour which was very nice. It would be good to take the cable car to the top of the hill rather than going with the van as the road is not that smooth.

Recenserad av: JOANNE G , juni 2014

A really great guide. I have some challenges with high steps and there were many here. She helped me and made it a great experience for myself and all the other participants.

Recenserad av: Trisha , september 2012

This was an extremely interesting tour, worth the time and effort. The guide was very knowledgeable and very interesting. The area is amazing and full of history. Would recommend to anyone.

Recenserad av: Cathleen C , maj 2012

Great trip with a wonderful guide! Excellent Day!

Recenserad av: Manj , maj 2012

We had a fantastic visit with a most articulate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide to Pergamon and Asklepion. His expertise made this visit memorable for us. The pick up, the transport, lunch and everything else about the visit was also excellent. Thank you Viator.

Recenserad av: Gabriele B , april 2012

I had a great day, thanks to my wonderful tour guide, who was very knowledgeable and friendly. Peramum offers breathtaking views and is especially beautiful in the spring, when the hills are covered with flowers.

Recenserad av: Fabio D , Germany, mars 2012

A cloudy Day in Pergamon,...that never mind, it`s such a interesting Place, were you can see so many Things. Also the Asklepion was great to visit! Thanks to my Guide Murat Y. he make the excursion to a special Day, with many interesting Information`s about the City! It was very exciting for me!

Recenserad av: HERODOTOS M , Cyprus, juli 2010

very interesting

Recenserad av: Raymond G , Philippines, december 2009

This is also one of the tours that should not be missed! The Acropolis in Pergamum was truly captivating, although much of the original structures can now be found in the museums of Germany and Austria. I wish Turkey were able to recover them back, especially the temple of Zeus. The theater here is the steepest in the world and the view of the villages below is awesome. I also enjoyed the Asklepion ruins because of the very rich stories that our guide told us about the place.

Recenserad av: Fernando T , Luxembourg, augusti 2008

The pickup service and the extremely knowledgeable guide were great.

Recenserad av: Anonym , Luxembourg, november 2006

The touring experience was fantastic thanks to our guide. She was great and I loved Aesclepius as well as Pergamum. It was the best tour of all!

Recenserad av: Ignacio P , februari 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: kskitti , oktober 2014

The tour was conducted as promised although I was the only one in the tour group.

Recenserad av: Margaret N , juni 2013

The online booking procedure was straightforward and easy. Viator sent us several emails reminding us to print off the vouchers etc. This was a nice touch. Our guide was late - Izmir traffic problem. We travelled in a small bus which was good - it meant that we could drive to the site rather than take the gondola. Both sites were visited - plenty of time to wander after an explanation. We asked to stop at the basilica which we did. More historical information about it would have been appreciated. Long day but a very good one.

Recenserad av: jfehrenb , september 2012

Excellent archeological sites. Informative and impressive. Guide was very knowledgable but drove the vehicle "vigorously".

Recenserad av: JAY M , juni 2012

The driver and guide were very good, excellent information and very good with our 4 year old daughter, thank you

Recenserad av: VacationFrog , december 2011

If you are staying in Izmir without a rental car and want to see these two amazing (worth seeing) historic ruins, a tour is the easiest way by far. Trains and buses make these spots difficult to reach. However for visiting Ephesus, taking the train yourself is simple.

As feedback I think this tour can be much improved, like by having drawings and maps to go along with the history lecture. It is challenging to "use your imagination" while walking around and listening to stories about people and buildings. The tour guide could easily create a one page guide to the history of the area with dates, names, and events that we can read in the van on the way up.

While the lunch spot was terrific, we never did stop at the museum as the tour itinerary listed (not a huge deal but it was not mentioned to us).

Recenserad av: Frank B , USA, oktober 2007

Great guide! My wife and I were the only people on the tour. Our only complaint is that the car was very small and minimally air conditioned if at all on a hot September day. Lunch was good.

Recenserad av: Renae R , juni 2012

I must admit that I was a little disappointed (and a bit concerned) when a black Renault with 2 men in it (without any obvious form of ID) showed up to take me on the "tour" I had booked on to. The voucher I received said that I would be in an air conditioned coach, so I guess I just assumed that I would be touring the sites with a group. The tour guide went to sleep for most of the trip to the site, so I was left wondering if I was actually being transported to an unpleasant situation rather than the tour I had been promised! He turned our to be a good tour guide with a great knowledge of the sites, so my day turned our great - although at times I did feel like I was being rushed along a little bit. I guess, as a single female traveler, it would have been much more comforting if I were notified that I was the only person on the tour, and that it was not a coach, but a car that would be picking me up. The guides should also be required to show their Professional Tour Guide ID, without being asked to.

Recenserad av: Steven L , augusti 2011

Tour does not normally include Museum - if you want to go, bring a copy of the Viator itinerary! Guide did not emphasize medical context after I specifically requested this at the beginning of the tour. Nobody else was scheduled on this day, so it was a private tour.

Recenserad av: Sayata , USA, december 2010

I was the only one on this tour. The guide was knowledgeable but was always in a rush to get back to the car and do his paperwork. I had a lot of free time. Also, we went to Acropolis and Asklepion but did not go to the Bergama museum, and no explanation was given.

Recenserad av: John B , South Africa, oktober 2008

We were pleased to have seen the sights but thought that our guide could have gone into much more detail. We also expected to go to the Pergamum museum, but this was not included in the tour. In fact, whereas the tour should have been a full day, the two main sites were almost rushed through. Then we were given lunch, after which four of us--there were eight people in total on the tour--were put in a taxi with no air-conditioning, three people squashed in the backseat, and driven back to Izmir. It was a very hot day. It appeared that the tour leader still had to get the other people in the group to Troy.

Recenserad av: Francis H , France, oktober 2008

We were two of us in a nice and clean car. Didn't book a private car, though. A speedy driver, Guide could have been more efficient. It was OK. Organization n time, clean car, lunch very poor with crowds of tourists in Pergamon.