• Plats: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Varaktighet: 6 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 28,75

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: ABHINEET A , september 2015

Nice experience

Recenserad av: Punithan M , oktober 2014

We want to do it again the next time we plan a trip to Malaysia

Recenserad av: Zafrul I , Bangladesh, februari 2014

thoroughly entertaining experience

Recenserad av: irshaad.19 , september 2016

Snoworld! First rime great experience. Great to have a guide to explain the verything in details.

Recenserad av: MIAN , augusti 2016

Exploring Genting Highland was an excellent experience. Transport Service provided was not excellent.

Recenserad av: Monica C , mars 2016

Was a little rushed, Genting highlands in general is well worth a visit such a beautiful place and enjoyed chocolate tasting too.

Recenserad av: karyn t , februari 2015

We knew when we signed up for this tour that we were being taken to Genting Highlands - left to our own devices - and then returned to our hotel. So in essence it was a bus trip. Happy with the driving - pickup and return. The cable car ride was brilliant and in fact worth the price just for that!!

Recenserad av: Arif T , maj 2016

Actually the service was great, the guide was informative Mr. abdullah, but since the outdoor theme park is still closed, the only thing truly worth going for us adults is the cable car ride, which unfortunately was broken so we had to take the shuttle bus. Luckily by the time we're going back it's back operating. The indoor park was so so, nothing really interesting there, so consider going to genting after the outdoor park is open they promised it's by the end of this year!

Recenserad av: Lester C , mars 2016

Surprise need to exchange the coach = =

Recenserad av: Ryan H , januari 2016

Tour guide was the best thing about this tour, He was informative, and also a good laugh. enjoied his company. Tour itself wasnt as expected, most Rides were closed for upgrade...Casino was alright. Cable cars were good too.

Recenserad av: Peter C , augusti 2014

There was only limited commentary on the bus and we were left to our own devices at the destination.

Recenserad av: Wazir S , december 2016

My booking via Viator was an unfortunate personal loss. I missed the trip. I was scheduled to check into the KL Guest Hotel by 08.00 hours and be ready for Viators representatives in Kl to pick me and family up by 09.00. hours. Unfortunately We reached KLIA in time from Sri Lanka, but baggage clearance took time and the journey to the hotel was obstructed with KL traffic. and when I checked in at 09.10 hours I found no sign of the Viators reps in the hotel. Later on inquiry I learnt that the representatives had come to the hotel to pick me up at 07.00 hours, despite giving a written reply that I would be picked up by car at the hotel at 08.45 hours, and I had agreed to pay an additional sum for the hotel pick up too. So that's it. my story.

Recenserad av: Parjinder G , juli 2016

It is worst

Recenserad av: soheb v , maj 2016

not worth it as the theme park is shut...few things to do for children an casino for the adult. advise to book late 2017 hopefully its completed.

Recenserad av: Yun Kyeong H , maj 2016

There was actually nothing to do in Genting. It was an awful choice. And the services which were provided by the Viator was only the transportation from the hotel to Genting. It was a bit disappointing.