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pg59, USA, oktober 2012


View from St. John's Cathedral

MammaKate, juli 2014

WOW!!! The stunning view from St. John's Cathedral. Well worth the walk up to see it all.

St. John's Tomb

MammaKate, juli 2014

Here is a photo of St. John's Tomb...

Baptisum Fountain?

MammaKate, juli 2014

This is our tour guide showing us the baptism fountain at St. John's Cathedral. Well at least that is what they believe it was used for...sounds logical.

Directions to the house of ill repute

MammaKate, juli 2014

Yes, there were brothels back in the ancient days...and this is the directions to the house of ill repute. Make sure your tour guide shares the story...

Community Toilets in Ephesus

MammaKate, juli 2014

Community toilets in Ephesus for men (yes, men) only. Women's toilets haven't been found yet and not even sure if there are the question is...where did women do there business? Hummmm...

Write a prayer...

MammaKate, juli 2014

Write a prayer and leave it on the prayer wall for it to be answered. Bring your own paper and pen to write your prayers.