• Plats: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Recenserad av: Debra N. M , februari 2017

When I scheduled this I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the best riding experiences of my life! I ride several times a week, in Kansas......The scenery in Las Vegas was wonderful, the breakfast one of the best meals of our trip, the staff friendly and helpful. PLEASE treat yourself to this experience!

Recenserad av: Livia V C , februari 2017

Amazing tour. I never thought there was that much to know about the desert. The mountain range was spectacular. The horses were well behaved and the guides were very forthcoming with there knowledge.

Recenserad av: Neil R , februari 2017

Took our granddaughter on the Maverick Horseback ride with breakfast the day before her Daddy's wedding. She is a very capable rider but Myself and Grandad were novices. It was absolutely amazing and a very welcome break from wedding plans and arrangements. I would recommend this experience to everyone, young or old, experienced or complete novices.

Recenserad av: Zaqia S , januari 2017

Absolutely amazing experience and is a half day trip so plenty of time to get everything else that we wanted.
The horse riding trek was unreal, the scenery was unbelieveable. My husband and I had a fantastic time, the tour guide was fantastic and very knowledgable and answered all our questions! The breakfast was very nice in a very friendly relaxed atmosphere. The old town and petting zoo was very fascinating and a joy to walk around.
I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who visits Las Vegas.

Recenserad av: Peggy F , januari 2017

Splendid riding experience. Well trained horses, great guides, and a superb breakfast. Also enjoyed the petting zoo. The ride through the desert was fun and interesting. Would recommended for anyone.

Recenserad av: tinafairhead4 , december 2016

This half day trip is an absolute must. Red rock canyon is about 30 minutes outside of the Las Vegas strip.
The people are so friendly and the horses so
calm. The scenery through the canyon is beautiful, so peaceful. A welcome change from the hustle of the strip.

Recenserad av: Anthony Y , december 2016

great day out

Recenserad av: Mrs_Kayla_W , United Kingdom, november 2016

Literally cannot recommend this highly enough!
My husband and I have been to Las Vegas on several occasions and fancied something a little different away from The Strip - this definitely fit the bill.
The Bonnie Springs ranch was lovely, the staff in the restaurant/bar/ranch were all friendly and welcoming, the place well maintained, and the animals and the horses were clearly well looked after.
The horses were friendly and easy to ride and control - in fact, I barely had to use my reins at all! The area and the landscape was beautiful and peaceful, and we genuinely can't stop talking about it.
If you even stop to consider this experience for a second, just go for it! We'll certainly be going back on our next trip

Recenserad av: FVilla , United States of America, november 2016

Loved it! What a fantastic staff.

Recenserad av: VALERIE C , november 2016

October 16, 2016

AWESOME TIME! Horses are tame, wranglers great with explaining the basics before you get on the horse. Trail is so quiet and beautiful that it felt like I was totally somewhere else in the wild west and not in Nevada! Breakfast was good, just a little slow in getting it so it shortens your time to check out the cowboy town. I think I just spent too much time in the petting zoo that I didn't have time to explore their little cowboy town. The petting zoo is also through the gift shop, so you have to get a souvenir as well. Great little hideaway from the main road. There's a combination bar and restaurant where we had our breakfast and I believe a motel that you can stay as well. They do pick you up and drop you off from your hotel. Short ride to the ranch...then the fun begins!!

Looking for something get away from all the hustle and bustle of the strip....this would be something for you!

Recenserad av: Ryan M , november 2016

Excellent views, food and trail guides! Unforgettable! :

Recenserad av: Darcy P , november 2016

The highlight of our trip. Would do it again.

Recenserad av: v_smith01 , oktober 2016

This was an amazing tour! The horse I rode on was named Whiskey and he was so friendly. Great place to visit with beautiful scenery.

Recenserad av: Fran R , oktober 2016

A friendly and knowledgable driver, some fantastic guides with more great knowledge and stories! Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to be transported from the hustle and bustle of Vegas.

Recenserad av: Hayley P , oktober 2016

Amazing! We did the morning maverick horseback ride in October 2016 and were not disappointed. We were picked up from our hotel on The Strip and taken to the ranch, and our experience started with the horseback ride which lasted about an hour. The scenary was beautiful and the two ladies who took us out on the ride were extremely knowledgable and friendly. Following the ride we went back to the ranch for our 'Wild West Breakfast' which included the choice of meal and a drink. The food was delicious. We were then given about an hour or so to explore the rest of the ranch and were given wristbands so we could go into the petting zoo at the ranch which was good fun. Would definitely do this again if we were to return to Las Vegas!

Recenserad av: Suzan S , oktober 2016

Wonderful tour! The guides are fun and experienced, and the horses are very well cared for.
The ranch is beautiful but I do suggest bringing a bandana for over your mouth for when the desert trails get dusty.
The food at the restaurant was great, and if you enjoy coffee I HIGHLY recommend trying theirs, best cup of coffee I've ever had!
Also, be sure to bring some quarters for deer and goat chow at the Petting Zoo.
THANK YOU Bonnie Springs Ranch!!!

Recenserad av: shazgodd , oktober 2016

This was amazing with great guests helping all the way. Food was also very good back at the ranch. Just not enough time given to see the rest of the ranch..

Recenserad av: Robert N , oktober 2016

A wonderful little ride. Out in the fresh air, the horses looking very well-cared for no carnival nags, these, and a nice look at the colored rocks in the Red Rock Canyon. A highlight of my trip!

Recenserad av: Davon R , oktober 2016

great trip all around. from the pickup to the drop off, the staff was great and the horses were amazingly well trained.

Recenserad av: Wendi , United States of America, oktober 2016

This was a great experience with beautiful views. The staff was very friendly and the horses were great for all experience levels.

Recenserad av: L J N , september 2016

It was everything I'd hoped that it would be, not rushed, very friendly guides beautiful scenery - you really got the feel of the wild west! Would recommend and love to do it again. Next time....

Recenserad av: nottwiggy , september 2016

The ride could not have been more perfect. My horse, Blue, was a dream to ride. Even those who had never been on a horse had a great time. There were participants from England, Australia and Spain as well as Texas and other states. We opted for lunch and everyone was pleased. I would definitely do this again and again.

Recenserad av: George S , september 2016

Wonde ful. Great morning trip

Recenserad av: Kimberly H , september 2016

WOW, what a day. Breakfast was wonderful, staff supper friendly with a nice view. Edge was a sweet guy easy to ride and had a great personality. The trail guides and driver we full of information of the area, new the horses well and were fun to be with. They really made the group of strangers friends for the day. A must do again, maybe the sunset ride.

Recenserad av: Lizhu S , september 2016

Great experience. getaway from the nightlife and explore the nature