• Plats: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Varaktighet: 6 timmar 30 minuter (ung.)


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Recenserad av: Carlos F , december 2016

An amazing tour! Jason was very funny and extremely knowledgeable about the Hoover Dam and surrounding area including Las Vegas. He made everyone feel welcome. Give this guy a raise!

The tour starts at a designated pick up point so make sure you find out where that is. Don't be late. Mine was at Monte Carlo as my hotel where I stayed was at Planet Hollywood. It's a short drive with lots of information to take in and excellent view towards the dam. Refreshments are also made available on the bus. You get to see the one of the generator rooms just at water level of the dam and some underground passageways. You also get time to walk around the dam outside and look over the edge. There's also an opportunity to view the dam on the Interstate bridge overlooking everything. The morning tour also included lunch at a local restaurant. Very good food! At the end of the tour, you are dropped off at your original pickup spot.

Recenserad av: NealTrips , december 2016

Excellent tour. The guide kept us very well informed of our time limitations and made everything easy. His humor was very appropriate to the group. His knowledge of the general area was quite helpful. I wish we had more time to see the shops in Boulder City, but I was very happy with that location and the museum. The power plant section was impressive.

Recenserad av: R G M , december 2016

Great tour, even better guide, would recommend to anyone.

Recenserad av: Patrick M , november 2016

Great trip. Comfortable bus. Funny tour guide. Very impressive structure. Lunch was very good. If you're going to the Hoover Dam, this is the tour to take.

Recenserad av: Nicola C , november 2016

What a fab tour !!! What a fab tour guide ...Jason...he was funny entertaining and very very knowledgeable, constantly had us in stitches along with our driver Donald.... The complemented each other haha. i Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jason and Donald to anybody...made a tour very interesting thank guys !!!

Recenserad av: Hilda , november 2016

One of the highlights of our stay in Las Vegas. The guide was funny, knowledgeable, and kept us laughing the whole dam time. The tour included lunch, a stop at an old hotel, and comedy show tickets for the next day. This was so worthwhile! Don't miss out on the opportunity.

Recenserad av: Lesley C , november 2016

Yes my husband and I really enjoyed this tour. The tour host Trevor was funny as well as informative. The dam was interesting and well worth the money. We can highly recommend this.

Recenserad av: Robert D , november 2016

We definitely enjoyed this tour. Dana was the personable, professional driver that anyone would want. Trevor was both funny and informational. He did a great job encouraging everyone to be back at the bus at the appointed times for the next stops on the tour. The lunch was really good - good food, good portions and being seated family style gave the opportunity to get to know others on the tour. This tour had the right amount of time at the bridge, the dam, the Boulder City museum. It was both interesting and informative. Definitely recommend this tour, and this operator.

Recenserad av: Betty J B , november 2016

The tour is great. The tour guides Jason and driver Donald were very knowledgeable and entertaining. You'll learn a lot about the construction and purpose of the dam.

Recenserad av: Howard B , november 2016

The Hoover Dam tour was outstanding. Very interesting and informative. The bus driver and guide from the Comedy Club were very friendly and entertaining. The tour was well worth the expense.

Recenserad av: Johndertaker , november 2016

Really good tour. Our guide Trevor a standup comic and driver D-Rob were the best! The tour was just the right length, the included lunch far better than other included lunches I have had, and the smaller bus made for a more personalised experience. I highly recommend this tour.

Recenserad av: Dimitar K , november 2016

Trevor is very entertaining and knowledgeable - highly recommend the tour

Recenserad av: Dan , oktober 2016

Jason and Dana were awesome tour guides! I learned so much. And had so much to share with my family and friends when I got home. I'd highly recommend it.

Recenserad av: Dale R , oktober 2016

I highly recommend this tour. Tour guide Trevor and driver D-Rob were excellent hosts. They kept the ride lively and entertaining. Trevor was very knowledgeable about Las Vegas and Hoover Dam history. The trip was well organized and delivered on everything that was promised. A sit down lunch with your choice of 6 entrees was unique. The entire trip was very scenic.

Recenserad av: Stephen D , oktober 2016

The tour was everything promised, great guide, bus ride was very good and the tour itself was great.

Recenserad av: Cary B , oktober 2016

Trevor and Devon made the trip Very entertaining .
Hope to see them again some day.

Recenserad av: Toma S , oktober 2016

We had a good time. The tour-guide was very knowledgeable.

Recenserad av: Eugene B , oktober 2016

Very informative and all round very good tour. Tour guide Trevor was excellent.

Recenserad av: h.unsworth6 , oktober 2016

Great day out. Hoover Dam was amazing and interesting. Bus journey out was excellent and our guide Trevor was so much fun. Made the time pass so quickly. Included lunch was also very good - better than expected.

Recenserad av: Eamonn M , oktober 2016

Very good tour. Trevor was very informative and funny. Driver skilful. The tour covered everything and you had plenty of time for photos Tec. Lunch was also very tasty and large portion. Highly recommend this trip if you want to see Hoover Dam

Recenserad av: Donald A , oktober 2016

Shuttle service was comfortable and enjoyable ride. Our Tour Guide Trevor was funny, informative, patient and extremely personable. Entire tour was exactly what was stated and expected. Would recommend to others.

Recenserad av: steven v , oktober 2016

An outstanding informative tour in which I really learned about the marvel of the Hoover Dam. The tour was all the more informative and entertaining as a result of the tour guide, Jason LaRoche. He is outstanding!!

Recenserad av: Michele P , oktober 2016

Tour was well run, we enjoyed it and learning about the history, I only wish we could have seen more if the internal workings of the Dam.

Recenserad av: Don W , oktober 2016

Great tour with a knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humor. Better than expected.

Recenserad av: Stephanie N , september 2016

We had a wonderful time during our tour including the high energy and enthusiasm from the driver as well as the guide. They made the experience one that won't be forgotten. I highly recommend the tour as well as the driver and guide.