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Recenserad av: Omar F , januari 2017

As many other reviews point out, the drive is long but definitely worth it! We loved our trip. It was cold at night in the dessert both in and out of the tent so please bundle up if you're coming in the winter. The camel ride is fun for a little bit, but then it gets tiring so it's good that it's not too long. The true highlights of the trip, for me, were watching the starry night sky, gorgeous, and the sunrise!

Recenserad av: cleve66 , oktober 2016

This is a long but worthy trip when you have only a couple of days for the Atlas mountains and the Zagora desert. There are numerous stops to keep you comfortable and spend meaningful time with locals, who are warm and welcoming without pressure. The scenery is beautiful and Mohamed, the driver and guide, is a class act and much fun to be with. He works extremely hard to make this experience a wonderful thing for all who go. It does take your heart and mind and turn them a little in the best way.

The camp is very comfortable and set up to do all that you want, and you can take a hot shower in privacy. The food is delicious the beds are comfortable. There are nice mattresses for lying down and taking in the amazing experience of the Milky Way and shooting stars. Also a nice fire pit for enjoying the music of drums and singing by your hosts. The camel tenders, Hasan and Mohamed, are excellent and make sure you enjoy your trip to and stay at the camp.

After the people in your group settle into riding the camels and chat a bit, everyone tends to get quiet and just take in the beauty and serenity of the area. It is a bit of magic to be remembered for a life time. Just do it! Or take a longer tour, if you have the time. Viator makes this a very easy thing to do no problems at all.

Recenserad av: Peter B , juni 2016

Incredible experience and super-professional driver and hosts!

Recenserad av: dellabeaver , juni 2016

This was the highlight of my trip to Marrakesh. Although the ride to get to Zagora was about 8 hours, it was worth it. Spending the night in the Sahara was absolutely magnificent and awe-inspiring!

Recenserad av: Yew Kin C , juni 2016

This tour is the high point of our group tour to Makkarech,Morocco. The ride over the Atlas Mountain and the views of the valley below is spectacular. The tour brings us also to Kasbah Ait ben Haddou and the Movie studio museum in Zagora...nevertheless the highlight is the over one hour camel ride to the desert camp, the camp pre-dinner gathering and the early morning sunrise over the hill and sand dunes...truly scenic and memorable.

Recenserad av: Gail B , maj 2016

Fantastic tour, the driver Hossein was a superb host - he was full of interesting information about the country, the people, the history and geology of Morocco which made it all come alive. The tents were very comfortable, we felt we ewe treated very well, the evening meal was delicious and the Sahara was mind blowing - especially the stars at night. The drive over the Atlas Mountains was wonderful despite the rain! The only negative was that we were very rushed in the morning by the camp Berbers - had to jump on the camel within minutes of finishing breakfast which felt very rushed.
Overall a great experience, particular thanks to Hossein for making it special.

Recenserad av: SAUMIL S , februari 2016

Its was amazing experience in Zagora Desert. Worth to book it!!!

Recenserad av: yourstrulysl , december 2016

Lovely views through the snowy Atlas Mtn and then chilling yet warm Zagora desert. Driver Hamid was safe and polite, though don't expect him to be your tour guide - he is not meant to be a guide! Berber camp experience was lovely, best tagine in Morocco at the camp and great arrangement in the middle of nowhere. Though berber camp head staff kept on asking for tips from us.

Recenserad av: Sarah C , augusti 2016

long time in a car but with plenty of stops, great views of the mountains and ait benhaddou

Decent length camel ride and great camp. Was 38 C at night at the end of july - should have slept outside.

Recenserad av: Adriana S , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Rebecca L , juni 2016

Lots and lots and lots of driving, but excellent views. Our driver drove really fast, even through the windy Atlas mountains, and a few people got carsick, so they rode up front. Some great stops are organized on the way that break up the long driving periods and make it tolerable. Riding the camels was great fun, but you do it next to a road albeit not so busy, and only go about a kilometer out into the desert, into some random dunes that made their way there. Not so much the wide open spaces I was expecting. The dinner and entertainment were phenomenal, and I truly enjoyed myself. The only downsides were the long hours spent in the NOT air conditioned van, and the less-than-picturesque desert situation. Overall, however, I am very glad I did this excursion.

Recenserad av: CeCelia H , oktober 2016

It was a fun experience. We drove for quite some time though, so be prepared for a very long journey. But it was nice to see different areas of Morocco.

Recenserad av: Fabbadi , oktober 2015

It was nice except the van trip needs a butter vehicle. It's too old and the food was Ok.

Recenserad av: Carmen C , juli 2015

This was a very nice experience. However, our driver/tour guide did not speak English so we basically got on a bus not understanding what we were doing or when and it is a very long drive. There was a guy in the group who spoke French so he could translate for us but that was not adequate for us who thought we would have an English speaking guide. I recommend this more for the younger people who will enjoy the night activities around the fire.

Recenserad av: Stefan P , januari 2017

Der Trip spielt sich leider zu 90 im Auto ab. Für Stops entlang der Strecke bleibt so gut wie keine Zeit. Sehr schade war, dass wir die Kasbah Ouazazarte aus Zeitgründen genausowenig besuchen konnten wie das Kinomuseum. Stattdessen wurde mitten im Nirvana, bei offenbar zwei befreundeten Gastwirtschaften, eingekehrt.

Recenserad av: Courtney N , januari 2017

I would recommend looking into another tour. The journey was very long on a cramped van, more than 8 hours with the continual stops at rest points. The desert camp was not comfortable and it was freezing, make sure you do research on other desert tours before booking. For the amount of time spent travelling to the desert we could have found a better tour.

Recenserad av: katie.eddy511 , november 2016

This is an AWFULLY long time to spend on a bus, with what I feel was very little reward. Ultimately in two days you will spend fourteen hours in a crowded min-van, driving on winding roads. My husband gets car sick and needless to say it was a very unpleasant experience for him. The guides operate more as taxi drivers than guides - in fact our guide hardly spoke English at all - he couldn't have shared much information on history or culture even if he had tried. The camel trek is underwhelming - you get saddled onto your camel for an hour so that you can walk alongside the highway that you just left - it hardly provides a Lawrence of Arabia feel. We joked that we all could have just stayed on the bus and gotten to our final destination that much sooner as it truly is just right off the highway. We enjoyed the camp experience - accommodations are quite nice considering they are tents, food was good and cultural singing and dance was nice. But was this worth 14 hours in a bus, car sickness, and no customer service from our guides? Hardly.

Recenserad av: Jinghang Z , november 2016

We waited an hour after we were meant to set off for everyone to arrive, which hardly seems fair to those of us who actually bothered to get out of bed and plan the route to the pickup point. we barely stopped along the way short 5-10 minute stops on a road side bend so we could get hassled by more vendors. We didn't vist any of the locations on route as advertised. When we stopped for lunch it was at a place that served overpriced food at sub-par quality.
After spending around 9 hours on the road we finally got to the camels. Where we were forced to ride straddled with minimal padding which has lead to a camel spine going where no camel spine should go. The whole 45 minute camel trek we were adjacent to the road. Oh and we were strongly advised to buy scarves for the wind, pressumbly in case a camel felt gassy because there was no air movement to speak of.

Recenserad av: John H , september 2016

Driver did not explain anything along the way, stopped at a restaurant and told us 2 hours to eat, when it was time to go he said that was the time we were supposed to see ait Ben addou but never mentioned it until afterwards

Recenserad av: German K , United States of America, december 2015

I would not recommend this tour to anyone. This is per say not a guided tour. Our driver was just a driver with very limited English. So you cannot get any useful information during your 8 hours one way drive to the no dunes desert. Also in our case the air conditioner did not seem working OK and open windows let a lot of dust and smell getting into the car. The minivan had a TV which the driver also was not able to make work. So we had just to listen to a rather loud local radio shows and music which made driver's time pleasant enough. The desert camp was OK. That was the only place where food was included. Be prepared to pay for everything else on both ways. Be prepared to be brought to several shops and waste a good amount of time waiting for the driver drinking his free tea and taken care of his tourist business.