• Plats: Munich, Germany
  • Varaktighet: 6 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Joel P , juli 2016

We had a very memorable experience highlighted by our excellent tour guide, Adam Martin. Excellent information, and he made navigating the tour very simple from in town Munich to Dachau and back.

Recenserad av: Lara S , juli 2016

Marcin Wright - our guide from InMunichTours was AMAZING. Is passionate about what he does and it shows! Such a moving and emotional experience that I believe all should partake in.

Recenserad av: Gary H , juli 2016

scott did a great job. the tour was educational and very enjoyable

Recenserad av: Alan K , juli 2016

Our guide, an entertaining and knowledgeable Brit, took our small group of five through the compound at Dachau. He was appropriate in his demeanor and tone of voice. He showed due respect at the memorials for the mass graves and the crematory. We used up every minute possible of our time to go over the history, politics, and ramifications of Dachau. We would recommend this tour to anyone with the time to spend half the day touring this important place in the history of western civilization.

Recenserad av: Nicole L , juni 2016

Great tour. Eric really knew his history and did a great job. It's a sad subject, but I think important for people to know.

Recenserad av: Ashley S , juni 2016

A good, informative tour by guide John of a sad but important piece of history.

Recenserad av: Michelle D , april 2016

Jon was our tour guide and he is incredibly knowledgable. This was a very powerful experience and I learned a lot. It was nice going on a tour as he dealt with the train tickets from Munich. Jon shared tons of information with us that I think I otherwise would have missed.

Recenserad av: Jane S , United States of America, augusti 2015

My husband, 13 year old daughter and I found this tour very worthwhile. We lucked out in that our tour group was 7 people which is unusually small, but I would recommend this tour to anyone who is going to be in the area. Our guide, Keith, was extremely well informed on the subject and gave us a very interesting history and a new understanding of what it must have been like to be an inmate in this hellish place.

Recenserad av: Summer R , juli 2015

Our tour guide was Adam and he was great. Very informed about the area and the history. We were in a small group of 8 and Adam started with easy ice breakers to get everyone socializing. Dachau is a striking place where you can imagine in detail what happened. Adam helped us navigate it very well.

Recenserad av: Jokha A , juni 2016

The tour was a great experience and Jon as a tour guide was very knowledgeable and experienced.

However, I would appreciate if the tour excluded politics, religion or race decisions.
At the end of the day it is a tour where people go to enjoy and being exposed to a country and #39;s history.

Jokha, Oman