• Plats: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 48,00

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: jack.schofield1 , januari 2017

I am registered blind so can't tell you about the sights I saw as I didn't. But the service of the people on board we brilliant with me and looked after me. Thankyou

Recenserad av: Victoria B , december 2016

Very relaxing

Recenserad av: RON S , december 2016

the cruise was romantic. the atmosphere boarding and on board was calm and relaxing. higly recommended experience on the Mighty Mississippi River.

Recenserad av: James B , december 2016

We had a really good time. We got to tour the steamship, see the river at night and dinner was very good (much better than I expected). The river boat staff was very professional and kind. Price was more than reasonable. Round highly recommend.

Recenserad av: June A , United Kingdom, november 2016

Great tour, we got there early and sat and watched the band. We booked second sitting for dinner, the food was excellent and plenty of it. I mentioned when booking it was our Anniversary and they had reserved a table for us. Take a coat as it does get very windy.

Recenserad av: Niels U , november 2016

Nice trip. I'll make it again.

Recenserad av: Mel , United States of America, november 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Bryan P , oktober 2016

This cruise was super fun, one of the highlights of our trip. Definitely recommend it. The band playing was amazing!

Recenserad av: Tracy C , oktober 2016

Quite an experience going down the Mississippi on a steamboat.

Recenserad av: Terry A , oktober 2016

This was the highlight of our tours. Nice dinner, plenty of food options. Great to cruise down the Mississippi. We bought two Dixieland CD's which we are really enjoying.

Recenserad av: Wayne C , oktober 2016

Nice dinner cruise

Recenserad av: Sandra M , oktober 2016

very goog

Recenserad av: Robert M , oktober 2016

Nice Cruise. Crew was frinedly and helpful. Had a great time will do it again.

Recenserad av: Lisa O , oktober 2016

WSe had a lovely cruise with great weather and delicious food.

Recenserad av: Shelli , oktober 2016

We had a great time. Food was good and the cruise great. The music didn't play very long. We were able to take a tour of the engine room which was pretty neat to see. Must do.

Recenserad av: Rudolph S , oktober 2016

Great atmosphere and entertainment, only negative was that the food was not hot enough. Tasted great tho, I would recommend this to everyone who wants the excitement and memories.

Recenserad av: Diana H , september 2016

Wonderful food and a beautiful trip. Very romantic for my hubby of 20 years and I.

Recenserad av: Catherine L , september 2016

Highly recommend this tour.

Recenserad av: mikeschend , september 2016

The food was great and atmosphere on this old time steam ship will be a great memory. Well worth the money and time.

Recenserad av: yvonne.corvers , september 2016

It was just amazing. The total ambience was so special. We loved the buffet very much. Great staff. It was the best night of our whole vacation. The only thing I felt was a pitty is that they lost our picture which was made at the beginning of the tour, because I would have loved to buy it.

Recenserad av: Amanda S , september 2016

FANTASTIC, food was excellent and the Natchez is fantastic, highly recommend this to anyone

Recenserad av: Sherry H , september 2016

This cruise was wonderful. The music was great, and the food was delicious. It was a great way to end our visit to New Orleans

Recenserad av: linda b , september 2016

Wonderful history lesson, fantastic dinner meal and of course, the cruise was great.

I would do it again when I return in the future

Recenserad av: Rebecca O , september 2016

A lot of fun, Great music and Food-can I PLEASE get some more of that white chocolate bread pudding desert?! Recommend this cruise.

Recenserad av: Barry M , augusti 2016

Absolutely fantastic