• Plats: New York City, New York
  • Varaktighet: 90 minuter (ung.)
Från USD 31,00

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Recenserad av: Tameka S , oktober 2016

I highly recommend this tour. The views of the city are amazing and the information provided by the tour guide was great!!

Recenserad av: cutthorpewhitehouse , United Kingdom, oktober 2016

The guide was knowledgeable and amusing and we learnt so much about the areas surrounding the river.It was magical to see the buildings light up as it got darker.I would recommend this cruise if you want to understand how New York evolved and see much more of the city from the water.

Recenserad av: Sima P , september 2016

This tour was well the money! It was great to see all the major sites so close up - especially the Statue of Liberty! No need to go on the famous ferry - the boat trip shows you the Brooklyn Bridge too!

Couldn't really hear what the tour guide was saying but the tour itself was brilliant.

Worth going much later in the evening if you want to see it all lit up,

I lost my phone whilst out there so I lost all my photos sadly :-

Recenserad av: Ian B , augusti 2016

Absolutely fantastic experience. very easy to organise and a brilliant way to see this beautiful city.

Recenserad av: Zobia M , augusti 2016

I enjoyed the cruise. It was quite an experience:

Recenserad av: Zobia M , augusti 2016

I enjoyed the cruise. It was quite an experience:

Recenserad av: Keri V , augusti 2016

This cruise was a great introduction to NYC. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and also funny. We went at 6:30 in July it was warm and we didn't get to see the city at night, but it was still a great cruise.

Recenserad av: ctkozar , United States of America, juli 2016

The Twilight Harbor Crise was wonderful! Views were awesome from the water, especially at sunset. Staff was great--the narrator/guide Jamaica Girl as she called herself was entertaining and informative. She let everyone know exactly what was ahead and gave notice of the photo ops. Our entire group myself, adult children and young grandkids thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this cruise for everyone!

Recenserad av: Michelle K , juli 2016

This is the second time we have done this tour. I think it is great. Nice views as the sun sets. Also a great tour without being extremely overpriced like some of the others.

Recenserad av: Patrick L , juni 2016

Très bon pour entrée en matière.

Recenserad av: Marie-Christine G , november 2015

Moment de la journée parfait pour voir NY de l'eau, à la fois jour au départ et nuit ensuite.
Commentateur très intéressant, passionné, répondant ensuite aux questions. Nous avons appris plein de choses sur NY.

Recenserad av: Tatjana K , oktober 2015

Man får se det bästa av New York ! Underbar solnedgång og alla ljus som tänder sig! Supert!

Recenserad av: Chantal D , augusti 2015

C'était parfait! La vue était magnifique. La croisière s'est déroulée tel que prévue. Nous avions fait l'appel pour confirmer l'heure du départ et nous avons effectivement vue New York à la fois sous l'éclairage du soleil couchant et sous celui de nuit! La dame au guichet a eu une hésitation devant nos bons d'échange mais les a acceptés. Cette croisière a duré exactement le temps prévu. Le guide était très intéressant!

Recenserad av: Gel E , Australia, augusti 2015

Great way to see New York by night. I really enjoyed the tour and New york perspective from the river and bay.

Recenserad av: Irina M , december 2014

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Daveta M , december 2014


Recenserad av: Elodie M , november 2014

Magnifique croisière.

Recenserad av: Jean C , november 2014

Belle croisière avec un retour illuminé

Recenserad av: Karen N , november 2014

We had perfect weather and the trip was fabulous. Eat before you arrive since there is no Restaurants very close by. We did find a fun bar in the main terminal next to the ticket office. Sunset is the time to take this tour.

Recenserad av: Holly H , oktober 2014

Educational and entertaining narrative to match the amazing views. Well done !!

Recenserad av: Alexandra J , augusti 2014

The cruise was a great experience. The guide was very informative and funny.

Recenserad av: Cecilia L , januari 2014

The cruise was incredible! Perfect timing, daylight when we left and watched the lights come up over the cityscape and pulled up to the Statue of Liberty at sunset......very moving and beautiful. Very pleased with the trip, guide was terrific, price was good and easy to book. Highly recommend.

Recenserad av: Alain J , december 2013

Excellente croisière à la tombée de la nuit avec un parcours tout à fait adapté à ce qu'il faut voir de and quot;New York by night and quot;...Les grattes-ciel de Midtown puis la descente vers DownTown, le contour de Battery Park et la remontée de East River vers les Ponts de Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamburg, permettent une vision idyllique de New York (Cartes Postales en live). Le détour vers la Statue de la Liberté au A ne pas manquer.

Recenserad av: Uwe B , december 2013

Die Skyline von Manhattan bei Dunkelheit vom Wasser aus zu erleben war eines der Highlights unserer Reise.

Recenserad av: Nicole F , december 2013

The tour was a beautiful viewing and very informative!