• Plats: Oslo, Norway
  • Varaktighet: 3 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 51,43

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: Olivia J , november 2016

Scenic wonder.

Recenserad av: Michael B , juli 2016

Best way to celebrate my60th birthday! Excellent food wine and music. A shame the lady sitting next to us lit a cigarette during our meal. What lax laws Scandinavia has about smoking in public. Watch out for law suits in the future regarding passive smoking

Recenserad av: Damien C , juli 2016

Excellent tour to take to the fjords and a great shrimp taste! highly recommended

Recenserad av: Brittany K , juli 2016

this was an excellent tour! captain and crew were wonderful!

Recenserad av: Heather H , juni 2016

It was absolutely beautiful scenery on a pretty classic wooden boat. It was chilly, but there were blankets provided and you could purchase drinks on board.

Recenserad av: Claire D , United Kingdom, september 2014

The evening cruise was really good. It was a bit chilly but the boat had plenty of blankets to snuggle up in. There were loads of prawns to eat with bread and butter, they allow 1/2 kilo per person and once you have your plate you can just keep going back for more. The scenery was beautiful but not a rugged as we had seen further inland. I would recommend this trip and was good value for money

Recenserad av: Jeff K , augusti 2013

Had the best weather for a cruise and enjoyed the shrimps. Good value.

Recenserad av: Alexander W , september 2012

Everything was great and had a lot of fun hope to do it again soon with my honey:)))

Recenserad av: Helen Joy P , augusti 2011

excellent night except for the rain,prawns was plentiful ,buy your own drinks

Recenserad av: Victoria C , augusti 2016

Great trip, very crowded but good fun.

Recenserad av: Roberta B , juli 2016

I was lucky enough to do this cruise on a mild and pleasant evening which made it so much more enjoyable - and there were lots of people out near the water. This was my first trip to Oslo and the only evening I spent there and I'm so glad I did this cruise - seeing somewhere from the water gives you a whole different perspective. The crew were friendly and efficient as well - overall I would recommend - especially in good weather!

Recenserad av: Dixie N , juli 2016

The smoking allowed in the front covered area of the boat was not acceptable to me. There was plentiful shrimp but not as fresh as I would prefer. Others in my party were okay with it. It was a nice relaxing ride despite many people being on board. Beer and wine are available for purchase.

Recenserad av: Meyrem Y , United Kingdom, november 2009

Great trip and very generous with the prawns. No worry of not having enough to go around. I did find it disappointing that we were first in the queue to have first pick of the seats, but a large tour group were let on first, which meant we had to sit where there were seats left over. The captain of the boat was really rude.

Recenserad av: Robert F , augusti 2012

Cruise was nice but some narrative of what we were seeing would have made it much better. The shrimp that was served was abundant but it would have been better if there was something else served for those of us that cannot eat shrimp.

Recenserad av: Russell K , augusti 2011

Pleasant on a nice evening but unguided. skip this if you are taking the grand tour.

Recenserad av: Warren C , juli 2016

Would just like to warn fellow travellers not to waste their time booking this tour. It was boring with no information as to where we were what we were seeing. Tour can't be blamed for the weather but we froze, got wet and the staff did not show a bit of concern. Im sure there are more interactive and interesting tours than this one.

Recenserad av: Aik Moh H , Malaysia, november 2009

One word: Lousy! This tour was a complete waste of time, because there is nothing to see at all. We just went around a few islands with no nice scenery. Of course, the weather didn't help as well; it was raining and cold. I thought it was supposed to be summertime! The food sucked too, and drinks were not part of the package. We had to purchase them separately on board!