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Recenserad av: deborah g , oktober 2016

loved it

Recenserad av: Janice A , september 2016

Both of these tours were great. The morning one in Montmartre helped us see some interesting spots and hear some tidbits we would not have known on our own. The evening tour was also a lot of fun. They were short enough 90 minutes each so they did not take up a lot of our day. I would recommend both.

Recenserad av: Barbara A , juli 2015

Very informative tour.

Recenserad av: Kerry K , juni 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Neville M , juni 2015

Guide was excellent - friendly and knowledgeable - an excellent tour

Recenserad av: John P , april 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Shannah W , februari 2014

These two tours really made our first full day in Paris memorable, and had the added benefit of making us much more comfortable with the city and what it had to offer. Both guides were amazing -- so friendly and very knowledgeable about their respective areas. I especially enjoyed Montmartre -- as a little part of the city it made me feel at home, and our guide, Marion made the tour extra special. She was a real treat. I couldn't be more delighted with Viator's tour packages. Thanks for making our Paris trip amazing!

Recenserad av: Ruth J , december 2013

We were quite pleased with both tours. Both leaders were articulate and shared lots of information. It was a wonderful last day in Paris.

Recenserad av: Glen , oktober 2016

I really enjoyed these two tours and it is worthwhile for someone who wants to get their bearings. Monmartre was beautiful and our guide was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and made us feel that we were getting information that you would not find in a brochure. The Paris at Night tour was also enjoyable, but suffered from being the second tour at the end of a long day. Also, our guide was stymied by some unexpected locked gates at the Louvre. He was fun and gave interesting facts. In addition, he would position us to be able to get the best camera angles. I would recommend this tour also but probably would have preferred them to be on separate days.

Recenserad av: Kevin S , juli 2016

My wife liked the Montmartre tour, but I would have given that part a 2 only. The guide was very nice, but I did not learn much about Impressionist artists from this tour. Learned more about the people that lived in the former Bohemian artist enclave and the history of the Moulin Rouge. We were not even told where to find the artists area in Montmartre, and wound up descending the hill, and having to climb back up to find it...Sacre Couer was ok, but not as impressive as I expected either. The only reason this tour got a 4 was my wife's opinion on the Montmartre part, and the Night Walking Tour. The guide on that part was exceptional, a true professional, perfectly suited for what he is doing. He told us and showed us much about the Louvre, from the outside, got great subset pictures from there, around the pyramid. Then walked us over the Seine and into the SGDP St Germain De Prix? neighborhood in the Latin Quarter, which was a highlight of our trip!

Recenserad av: George N , maj 2014

History of the Montmartre area is very interesting. Good overview of the Impressionists and their environment.

Recenserad av: beaglesfour , september 2015

I really enjoyed the morning Montmartre tour. Our guide was great and the sites were beautiful. She pointed out some great bakeries that she would recommend. It was the night tour that dropped this to 2 stars. The night tour was not what I thought it would be. I thought we would see Paris lite up at night. Instead we went to some off beaten streets of Paris. I don't know if our tour guide went out on her own and decided to take us there. But would rather have seen the Eiffel tower lite up rather than some stone wall in the lower level of a parking garage.