• Plats: Simpson Bay, St Maarten
  • Varaktighet: 3 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 44,99

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: Merven M , februari 2013

Awesome snorkeling trip. Highly recommend this to everyone.

Recenserad av: Jodie L , december 2012

This was my first snorkeling trip and it was great! Junior our captain was very helpful. And the view was amazing!

Recenserad av: Paul C , november 2012

This was a terrific snorkel trip. I would recommend to anyone.

Recenserad av: Patricia C , februari 2012

Wonderful snorkeling trip.. Our captain was courteous and helpful and we enjoyed the day tremendously. We'd recommend it to anyone.

Recenserad av: Victoria V , USA, januari 2010

The tour was great! The tour guide was so informative and made everyone feel welcome on the boat.

Recenserad av: Annette M , USA, december 2009

I snorkeled many times in St. Maarten. This location provided the calmest waters for the entire trip. Unfortunately it was also the most crowded. They had been hit with a hurricane about a month before so there were not as many fish as normal but there was still plenty to see. Reef squid were my personal highlight.

Recenserad av: Elaine V , USA, augusti 2008

I have done this trip many times and the guides never disappoint. Great boat, good company, and very well run. Just perfect for the beginner or advanced snorkeler.

Recenserad av: Tony C , USA, augusti 2008

The trip was fantastic. The snorkeling was great, a little rough, but some of the better snorkeling we did the entire week. The captain of the boat was great. He was like a tour guide. An unforgettable trip that we will definitely take next year.

Recenserad av: James B , USA, januari 2007

This adventure was a great deal of fun. Our two kids 9 and 10 years old snorkeled for the first time and loved it!

Recenserad av: TNchicklet , augusti 2016

It was a nice trip, but not quite as described in the advertisement. There is no 'catamaran', there is no 'gliding through the lagoon' and we never met 'Captain Alex.' Quite the contrary, you are whisked away in a speedboat to the destination, time to snorkel, then return. Good point is if you're not interested in the catamaran's leisurely round trip, you'll love it since you will have more time to snorkel. My wife and I enjoy snorkeling, but after an hour, we are worn out. It is a nice quick trip I would recommend, but be sure you reread my second sentence and ensure you're okay with all the deviations from what is being marketed.

Recenserad av: James M , juli 2013

Nice snorkeling. Wish trip had been a little longer!

Recenserad av: Craig F , oktober 2011

excellent location for snorkeling

Recenserad av: rickneill , Canada, oktober 2011

Crew was very helpful

Recenserad av: Umesh D , augusti 2011

We had good time on this excursion.

Recenserad av: Greg K , USA, juli 2010

Junior was nice, the weather was perfect, there were plenty of icy cold drinks - and best of all, the water near creole rock is calm with great visibility. Perfect for our 7 year old's first snorkeling adventure! Thank you.

Recenserad av: Alan D , oktober 2015

Nice boat trip out to the snorkeling spot, snorkeling was decent nothing great or terrible.

Recenserad av: Donna P , juli 2012

I have never held so many sea creatures in my hand on a snorkel. Great guide