• Plats: Quebec City, Canada
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Joan H , februari 2017

The tour of the ice hotel was amazing. Bus driver Alain was also very informative on the ride there. Absolutely loved Quebec City.

Recenserad av: Louis M , februari 2017

Very informative. Guide was excellent. There were both French an English speaking on tour and he managed both very well. Would highly recommend.

Recenserad av: Michael , februari 2017

Very nice, and fairly comprehensive but a bit short.

Recenserad av: Tray , november 2016

Great way to get an overview of the city! Celine Dion was an amazing, fun, and caring guide!

Recenserad av: Mark McCormick , november 2016

Excellent tour and guide.

Recenserad av: Shiv D , november 2016

Great tour, very informative and beautiful!

Recenserad av: Marcel R , oktober 2016

Super worthwhile. In my opinion, these daily tours are the best way to know a place if you have limited time, or to start a long visit, knowing the most famous spots in the city. For this time, bus driver was a great guide, the tour route was well laid out and good amount of time. Totally recommended.

Recenserad av: Carol M , oktober 2016

Our tour guide was great - informative and funny. The city is beautiful especially in October with all the great color.

Recenserad av: Janice K , oktober 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and our guide!

Recenserad av: Anne K G , oktober 2016

This was a great way to see all important sights. Our driver was informative and knew his history.
After the bus tour we dropped off at Chateau Frontenac, the place where all the busses meet, and were told that our return bus to the hotel came at 4 and 6... so we had a choice of when to go back. we used the time to walk through old Quebec, and had lunch in Petite Champlain. It was an excellent day. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Recenserad av: Kimberley C , september 2016

Even though our tour guide had to alternate between French and English, he didn't spend overly long on each language. The guide had so much information to offer and while most of it was historical, others touched on current situations in Quebec City. He interspersed his speech with tons of humour and interesting anecdotes. My friend and I took the tour on the 2nd day of our trip, and referenced it often throughout the rest of our stay in this absolutely beautiful, breathtaking city.

Recenserad av: LOUIS J P , september 2016

Excellent. Guide, Gary, was very funny and informative!

Recenserad av: Frances B , september 2016

My tour guide, Francoise, was outstanding. The trip was great and very informative and pleasant.

Recenserad av: Helen M , september 2016

Excellent tour and driver. The entire trip we stayed on the bus except at one stop we got off for 20 min. It was fine since it was raining and cold. In good weather it would of been nice to get off more often

Recenserad av: Jacqueline B , augusti 2016

excellent tour guide who was able to conduct the tour in English since the few french speakers agreed to that. Beautiful day, stops were just right.

Recenserad av: MARIO L , augusti 2016

Perfect. Essential. Specially Daniel, our driver /tour guide, always smiling, solicit and with lots of pertinent informations.

Recenserad av: Carolyn W , juli 2016

We had a wonderful experience!!! We would recommend this tour 100

Recenserad av: Jorge R , juli 2016


Recenserad av: Genevieve S , juli 2016

As above, excellent tour! Driver again accommodating with my Dads wheelchair and my Moms arthritic knees? Again, don't remember drivers name, but he had a gruff voice in a good way had grey in his hair and wore glasses. Excellent experience. Thanks Viator! I highly recommend and will use them from now on!

Recenserad av: Jo S , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: LOIS K K , juli 2016

We had a wonderful tour and our driver, Daniel Ross, told us many local stories. Having never visited Quebec City before we were very pleased to see so much of the city which we would never have been able to do on our own. Thanks again to Daniel for making this a great tour!

Recenserad av: Coleen K K , juli 2016

Beautiful day, friendly and knowledgeable guide--Jean Pierre

Recenserad av: Rosie H , juni 2016

Loved the tour!!!

Recenserad av: M F , juni 2016

The tour was great and enjoyable. The tour guide was knowledgeable and so much fun. It was a good experience.

Recenserad av: Tadeu S , juni 2016

Very entertainment tour guide, show us all the cool places