• Plats: Quito, Ecuador
  • Varaktighet: Varies
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Recenserad av: Gary L , juli 2016

Airport pickup in Quito. Guide was waiting with a sign with my name on it and everything was just as expected. Good job.

Recenserad av: MR ADRIAN J L , juli 2016

Brilliant service. I was met at airport by someone with my name on a sign, minibus was called and I had private transfer straight to hotel with no waiting. So quick and efficient I did not get chance to tip which they certainly deserved.

Recenserad av: Karishma D , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Twiggo , Deutschland, november 2015

Abholung am Flughafen durch sehr zuvorkommenden, englischsprachigen Vertreter von Greylines Ecuador. Danach gleich Transfer zum Hotel. Hat bestens funktioniert!

Recenserad av: David H , maj 2015

A female, I arrived by myself at 3am. There was someone with my name held up and an smile! Wonderful service all the way to the desk at the hotel. Couldn't have been better.

Recenserad av: Marie M , mars 2015

I was met right after picking up my bags and promptly put on a van to the city, delivered right to the door of my hotel.

Recenserad av: Sharol C. W , mars 2015

Excellent and flawless. Our guide was outside of the Customs area, we walked to the bus and were in our hotel room in an hour. Lovely new airport for Quito and a very good road from airport to city. Thank you.

Recenserad av: Diana B , februari 2015

excellent service. staff was still at the airport waiting on me even though I arrived 90 minutes late due to air rerouting and missed connections and a lost bag. staff was courteous, polite, helpful and spoke excellent English.

Recenserad av: SUZANNE C , december 2014

Our plane was 2 hours late getting into Quito. Our guide was still waiting for us. He even told us a lot about Quito on the 1 hour ride to our hotel. We were extremely satisfied and would highly recommend.

Recenserad av: GEORGE K , november 2014

Met outside international arrivals as scheduled by well-groomed personable young man who spoke good English. Shared roomy van with 1 other passenger -- we were both going going to the same hotel so non-stop trip. Driver was safe and courteous and assisted with luggage.

Recenserad av: Melissa R , oktober 2014

Guide was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived with a sign. Everything went smoothly.

Recenserad av: Susan S , oktober 2014

I was a bit nervous about arriving in Quito on my own. The guide was outside immigration as expected and took me to my hotel and made sure that I was at the correct hotel before they left. Great service.

Recenserad av: Hugh P , augusti 2014

excellent - met on time - and told what to visit on way to quito

Recenserad av: April A , februari 2014

All was just as I had read about. They were waiting right outside of customs, easy to spot. We got right on a nice, comfortable bus and headed for the hotel. Overall it was an easy, safe, pleasant experience. The driver spoke English and got us to the hotel quickly and safely. We would definitely use Viator again.

Recenserad av: Mary K , januari 2014

The driver was waiting for us at the airport. He got us transferred to our hotel quickly and efficiently. He gave us helpful advice for dealing with the change in altitude. We received excellent service.

Recenserad av: Karen S , januari 2014

Was glad that I'd planned this transfer. Coming from Peru, where you don't just jump into any taxi, had me a bit tentative about Ecuador. The driver and young guide were there and easy to spot when I arrived. I've forgotten the young guide's name, but she spoke english very well and carried on a genial and informative dialog during the hour plus drive. In July or Aug 2014, the northern route to the airport should be complete. I would still arrange a transfer from Quito TO the airport to insure you arrive in time for your flight. With the hills, there are not lots of route options in bad taffic or weather.

Recenserad av: papillon , december 2013

GREAT! very convenient to have someone waiting for you to take you to your hotel. Great guide and driver.

Recenserad av: Caroline B , United Kingdom, augusti 2013

great service, would recommend.

Recenserad av: Kirk L , augusti 2013

Arriving in a new and strange city is the biggest worry of any trip. Wilson was there to meet me and I was put into a van and got to the hotel with no problem. I loved Quito and Ecuador in general. It is a very impresive place - beautiful mountains, nice people, no sign of crime or of real poverty. It is relatively clean and modern and the roads are good. I think being on the US dollar has helped to stablize the economy. I am very glad that I went there.

Recenserad av: Susan S , juli 2013

After a long flight and arriving at 11:00 at night, we were very happy to see a driver waiting for us! We were a party of 9 people. Thanks for making arrival stress free!

Recenserad av: Peter , juli 2013

Timely and efficient. Keep in mind though that the new Airport is a long way out, and infrastructure is stll being put in place.

Recenserad av: Duco B , juni 2013

Great. Friendly and welcoming girl.
Gave us a lot of info on Ecuador and Quito and dropped me off at my hotel.

Recenserad av: JCD , maj 2013

How do I properly rate this? I requested to be met at the airport and driven to my hotel, and I was. (Keep in mind this is A SHARED TRANSFER so don't expect that the moment you find the agent, you will be taken to your hotel - you may have to wait a bit for other passengers who will be sharing the same shuttle.) With that in mind, the representative who met me was super friendly and a pleasure to chat with while we waited for the others. A bit of drama unfolded on my trip, however, when the shuttle driver arrived and promptly began throwing up on the sidewalk - apparently he'd gotten food poisoning. He told the agent he could not drive the shuttle (obviously), so the agent - keeping positive spirits - announced that she would have to drive the shuttle. So although it no doubt took much longer to get to the hotel than it would have otherwise (due to her slow but careful driving), I got to my hotel and thanked her for her cautious driving and ability to handle a difficult situation with ease. Given this was an UNUSUAL situation, I highly recommend using this service (it's through Grey Line Ecuador) for your arrival transfer. Thank you!

Recenserad av: travelman , januari 2013

As I do not drive in other countries, it was comforting to have my guide waiting for me with my name on a sign after claiming my luggage. We got a view of Cotapaxi driving in to Quito, plus good information on the way in.

Recenserad av: Lucy G , Romania, december 2012

The best of all my transfers. A lovely young girl met me very soon in the airport and provided lots of very important information .