• Plats: Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Varaktighet: Flexible
Från USD 25,35

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Recenserad av: Aida H , augusti 2016

The sheep show was entertaining and the sheeps were really adorable. Aside from that got to learn a lot about sheeps and other animals from all over the world.
Tour of the farm was fun especially trying to get pictures of the little lambs and alpacas. Wished got more time on the kiwi farm. The kiwi fruits were tasty! Suitable for all ages.

Recenserad av: tri v , juni 2016

The farm tour and sheep show were great. We liked that we had the opportunity to be closed the animals after the show. My family enjoyed a lot and we would highly recommend the Agrodome tour to the families with young children.

Recenserad av: Dale H , juni 2016

This show and farm tour has great reviews but I still was worried. Shouldn't have been, it was great. I have adult children 18-22 and they even enjoyed it! We were there in early winter June so the crowds were less. It could get a little less enjoyable if it was overcrowded.

Recenserad av: dyeosh , mars 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: dyeosh , mars 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: James M , mars 2014

Love this and we are a bunch of old people and we enjoyed it

Recenserad av: Surekha W , juli 2013

Excellent show

Recenserad av: Viv W , januari 2013

Great place to take overseas visitors to give them an authentic Kiwi experience. Informative and highly entertaining.

Recenserad av: Jean-Marie D , april 2015

Super surtout pour les enfants.

Recenserad av: PRATIK S , april 2015

good for kids and family.

Recenserad av: Timothy H , januari 2014

A fantastic kiwi farm experience. My kids loved interacting with the animals. The staff were real country folk - laid back and humorous. Thoroughly recommended.

Recenserad av: Niwa Y , juli 2016

Regarding the farm tour, it was ok.
Maybe we should have seen the sheep show.

Recenserad av: Kathryn E , juni 2013

I would have liked more actual information, and I was disappointed that he didn't show the huntaways work the sheep.