• Plats: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
  • Varaktighet: 5 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 20,00

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Recenserad av: Vania K , september 2015

Very beatiful!

Recenserad av: Duncan W , april 2015

fantastic and more. very good :

Recenserad av: Nina K , februari 2017

Recommended, well organized, nice guide, clean and safe car, good timing, great landscape and view points. For improvment: could provide details on the geological and cultural background of the area, spend less time at the 'tres marias' but more time to walk up the big dune. Overall highly recommended trip.

Recenserad av: Dhishan K , december 2015

Tour was okay, got good pictures, but felt the tour was a little too rushed and there were just too many people in the bus to have a unique experience. The sunset was so late that we just waited for 2 hours at the end doing nothing. Also many times, a lot of time was consumed waiting for people to get on to the bus. I wish they had a smaller group. Some of the hikes were reasonably uphill, so I would not say it is a cake walk with children.

Recenserad av: Wesley S , Hong Kong, december 2014

Having been on over a dozen tours across South America, I had found this Moon Valley Tour run by Turistour to be unsatisfactory. To begin with, I had not expected such a large group (of 16+) and such little intimacy. It didn't help that our guide, Leonardo, turned out not to be much of a guide. He lagged behind much of the way and failed to direct the majority of the group. With the itinerary I had expected drop-dropping landscapes, and the experience had fallen much short of what i had imagined. Luckily the sunset finale at Moon Valley had saved me from ripping my hairs out. The exotic crevasses in the valley gradually mutated in iridescent shades into darkness as the sun descended on to the horizon. Was it worth the USD$30 i had splashed out? Definitely not.