• Plats: Sydney, Australien
  • Varaktighet: Varierar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Gary B , november 2016

Great experience, really good lead climber great knowledge the building of the bridge. Views were great worth every penny.

Recenserad av: christine r , november 2016

excellent, a must do if you are in sydney

Recenserad av: acady6 , oktober 2016

This tour was the highlight of our Australian vacation! It was well organized and worth the money saved a bunch booking through Viator!. We did the Morning Bridge Climb and had awesome views. I am afraid of heights and did the climb without any anxiety. You are securely harnessed on a line the whole time. The freakiest part for me was the 4 sets of ladders you go up/down. Other than that, the rest of the walk up is easy and not very steep. All of us had headsets on so we could hear the guide's explanations. The views are amazing!! If you are considering the climb, make sure you do the full 3.5 hour climb! You won't regret it.

Recenserad av: Robert J , oktober 2016

This was an awesome experience. Even though I have a fear of heights, it wasn't that bad. The safety measures are really good, and I felt comfortable the entire time. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It truly is a great experience with spectacular views.

Recenserad av: Brandon J , oktober 2016

This was so fun! Our tour guide was AMAZING! We loved her.
The hike up wasn't nearly as steep or hard as I thought it would be too! Great all around!

Recenserad av: James S , oktober 2016

Unforgettable experience!

Recenserad av: Lois K , oktober 2016

It was a great experience. All staff were extremely professional and the experience was safe. The way they handled everything made even the most nervious comfortable

Recenserad av: sandi w , oktober 2016

It was very enjoyable and i was pleased i could do it with my friends. I think you need solar lights on the steps i fell down one and hit my shoulder on bar.

Recenserad av: Mandey J , oktober 2016

I went up as a solo climber and so glad that I did. Very personable guide that gave great information about the city and the bridge. Can and #39;t wait to summit again!

Recenserad av: Dawn S , oktober 2016

This was my favorite thing to do in Sydney and a bucket list item. The guide was great, entertaining as well as informative. I am afraid of heights and didn't think it was too scary. Worth doing. Amazing day!!

Recenserad av: Emerald P , oktober 2016

It was a really great experience. If you must do it, do it in the first part of your trip as you still have the energy to do so : It was very much worth it. And price was very reasonable. My hubby and I did the evening one as it was romantic, fitting for our anniversary. We bought all the photos which they placed in a USB, it was a better way to get the photos and price was not bad.

Recenserad av: gregory m , oktober 2016

Impressed from start to finish. The experience was phenominal , the process was flawless. I was truly impressed with how efficient and professional the entire process was. elaina (sp) was very friendly and knowledgeable i would highly recmmend both her and the tour

Recenserad av: Darren C , oktober 2016

A once in a life time MUST DO!!

Recenserad av: Tony A , United Kingdom, oktober 2016

My wife and I climbed the bridge to the top on the twilight tour. Helen our guide was very informative, friendly and made everyone feel safe. The whole experience was amazing and not one to be missed.

Recenserad av: Bev C , september 2016

From someone who is afraid of heights this was one of the best things I have done. Fantastic Experience made more enjoyable with a great guide.

Recenserad av: Marsha K , september 2016

Climbing the bridge was something I have wanted to do for several years. We booked our climb online prior to our trip to Sydney. On the day of the climb, I was a little nervous, as I really don't like open heights. When we got to the bridge, the employees were awesome. The preparation prior to the climb is excellent. By the time we walked out to the bridge, I was completely at ease. Adam was our guide and he was wonderful. Our climb was at a great pace. It allowed for plenty of time to chat with Adam and the others on the tour and to enjoy the incredible view. It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Sydney. If I have the chance to travel to Sydney again, I will probably do one of the evening or dawn climbs. If you have any hesitations due to the height, don't!

Recenserad av: Mindy B , september 2016

This was so fun. Felt very safe.

Recenserad av: jeromeprotasio , september 2016

A windy morning added to the thrill of the climb. Highly recommended.

Recenserad av: Becky , augusti 2016

Great time doing the bridge climb. Our guide was awesome and we had a great group of people that climbed with us. We did the night climb, but we did get to see some of the sunset when we started!

Recenserad av: Colleen S , augusti 2016

Wonderful experience,.

Recenserad av: dbass177 , augusti 2016

Well worth the money! Very exciting and the view was awesome! They make every effort to make sure your experience and safety are the number one priority! Highly recommended!

Recenserad av: Charles S , augusti 2016

If you are reasonably fit and not afraid of heights, this is a trip you will never experience anywhere short of mountain climbing. It was exhilarating, inducing ear to ear smiles. The staff are superb at what they do. Well worth the money,the best adventure in Sydney.

Recenserad av: corinne.ingalla , augusti 2016

My sister and I did the sampler. It was super windy, but the views were amazing! Our guide answered all our questions about the brdige, which made the tour even better. Had a great time! Awesome staff!

Recenserad av: Nicholas K , augusti 2016

Outstanding experience. Great customer service from beginning to end. We had a great tour guide, Dan, who was both funny and very informative about the bridge history as well as the history of Sydney and Sydney harbour. You feel safe the entire time and the view is unforgettable.

Recenserad av: Cynthia S T , augusti 2016

My daughter and i had a great time climbing the bridge. She was a bit apprehensive at the idea and ended up first in line and thrilled with the experience. No worries! We did the twilight climb so we got to see Sydney in the day and Sydney in the night. It was amazing.