• Plats: St Petersburg, Florida
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Barbara H , februari 2017

This was so much fun. We were late getting there and Doos stayed and waited for us, so nice of her, after a brief lesson we were on our way. Very informative and a great view of the beach area, I will definitely do this again.

Recenserad av: david r , juni 2016

Doo was extreemly knowledgeable about the history of the area. Made it interesting and fun to hear the history. She paced the tour just right - with enough breaks to rest legs and have some water. She could talk on other topics other than just the historic tour. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to experience a ride on a Segway and to learn about Historic St Pete's. A must if you have kids!!!

Recenserad av: howard s , juni 2016


Recenserad av: TOM M , april 2016

The tour was Excellent. Doo is a wonderful tour guide. Very informative.

Recenserad av: Steven M , april 2015

Fun and informative guide. A beautiful route and we got to move along at a good pace.

Recenserad av: James P , september 2014

The St. Pete historical Segway tour was an outstanding tour. Our tour guide, Doo, was absolutely incredible and insightful. She was constantly offering little tidbits of historical information that was totally unknown to my Segway partner and I. This was a pleasant surprise since we have lived in the area for a number of years and had no idea of why some things were the way they were or how the names of certain structures, streets, avenues, etc. received their names.. She was very open and knowledgeable when answering any questions we may have offered up. I would certainly entertain going again in the very near future because it was just a fun and entertaining 2 hours. Doo always seem to know when a break was in order which was most appreciated because the day was quite hot and humid. For those that have some athletic ability and good foot/leg strength then I would recommend taking a Segway tour and I would most certainly recommend booking with Doo and her fellow tour guides either directly or through Viator. Using Viator was so simple and easy to do and the reviews they set forth on this particular historical tour were absolutely "spot on" so to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed my Segway ride and became quite comfortable with the use of a Segway due to the excellent "preliminary training" that Doo offered... Look forward to going again...

Recenserad av: Carlo Pedro W , mars 2014

Sehr gut , war suuuuper gut mit eine super Führung 100 von 100 punkten

Recenserad av: Rand F , februari 2014

The tour was great fun as well as informative. Doo does a great job and I highly recommend the tour. I wouldn't mind doing it again just to ride the Segway.

Recenserad av: Valerie Kent A , februari 2014

This is a wonderful tour. This is, in fact, the second time I have taken it. The segways are a lot of fun and not difficult to ride. Just takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. The star of the tour is Doo, our guide. She is well versed in everything St Pete. Her delivery is excellent and she keeps on informing us and pointing out important and/or oddities along the whole route. She plays suitable music. I really enjoyed her presentation.
Now I know where I would like to return to see the individual sights. In fact, we returned to the market for lunch after the tour and it was really good. A big Bravo to this tour.

Recenserad av: julie a , december 2013

A fantastic trip, Doo was a great guide as well as being a great instructor. She made it very easy to get used to the Segway and her fun and relaxed manner put you at your ease. There was only the two of us on this trip but that didn't reduce the tour and Doo still put everything into it. The tour was very informative and we also had the added bonus of seeing dolphins in the harbour. A great value, great fun tour which everyone should try.

Recenserad av: Sue Ann H , juli 2013

Excellent. What a fun method of seeing the historical sites.

Recenserad av: Laura B , juli 2013

we had the best time on our tour saw all the best parts of the city and had some great dolphin watching!!
loved it!!!

Recenserad av: Mark J , juni 2013

We had a fantastic time! The equipment ISegways) were in top shape, WE were given plenty of time to acclimate ourselves to their operation. And the routing and time taken during the tour were sufficient to really enjoy the ride... The tour itself was quite enjoyable in that there is a great deal of interesting history in downtown St. Petersburg, FL that is easily missed if not taken on foot or via this type of travel. Because of the ride, pace, and open air mode of transportation (plus we had perfect weather) it was an exceptional morning. At the end of the tour, we were given about 15-20 minutes to "play" with these machines in a nice open park area along the St. Pete waterfront. It was a good as it gets! Highly recommend this tour - certainly worth the reasonable fee for the entertainment value!!!

Recenserad av: Katrina N , juni 2013

Very fun. Your guide will be knowledgeable and energetic. Fun times! It's not hard to learn how to use the segway.

Recenserad av: Brian O , juni 2013

Great Tour of St. Pete! We loved it, and the segways are so much fun! Great tour guide too

Recenserad av: Hawkeye , april 2013

It was a fabulous experience. Doo was very informative and lot's of fun. I have recommended her tour to all of our friends.

Recenserad av: Richard B , mars 2013

Loved the headsets! Dee, our guide, was able to tell us all the historical details without having to stop and gather in a group every few minutes. We've done other Segway tours and felt this one really showed us a lot. The locations we cruised through - from downtown to seeing manatees at the see wall - were incredible. Highly recommend.

Recenserad av: Yilmaz C , april 2015

Super leuk!!

Recenserad av: Charles H W , januari 2013

Segways were a lot of fun and allowed us to see a lot more than if walking.

Recenserad av: ALAIN B , januari 2013

Yes, we realy like St petersburg historical Segway tour.
We began on time smal group of 4, very nice, polite and professional leader.
Nice view of the marina and the water, felt safe all the way.
Would do it again.