• Plats: Taormina, Italy
  • Varaktighet: 6 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: Daughertyj , juli 2016

This was nice - manageable few hours, pleasant guide, beautiful scenery and interesting wine. We enjoyed very much.

Recenserad av: lucy p , oktober 2014

This tour was amazing!

Recenserad av: Alo N , september 2016

As others have said before, the Mt Etna in the title is a little misleading as we thought there would be more going up the mountain. But the scenery was lovely, wine tasting was good and all in all we had a good time.

Recenserad av: Mary R , juni 2016

A great afternoon at a winery at the foot of Etna- a family business called Gambino. The wines were excellent and served in generous amounts. The surroundings were fabulous once the fog cleared! The roads to the winery were very steep and winding but the driver handled them confidently. A short stop in a small village on the way back was a nice opportunity to see how the Italians live.

Recenserad av: Mary R , juni 2016

A very enjoyable afternoon at the Gambino winery at the foot of Etna

Recenserad av: Janet , september 2015

I would have given this tour a higher except for 2 things. One, they were a half hour late in picking us up. I understand that there was some weather issues the day before that may have delayed their arrival. But, all of their guests arrived on time. I am sure there was a way to inform us of the delay. Second, Viator did not tell us how many guests would be on the tour. I assumed it would be 10-15 as I have experienced on all the other trips I have booked. But, there was more like 30 people. All that said, the experience at the winery was fabulous. The wine was exceptionally good and the snacks complemented the wines perfectly. Our hosts at the winery did a wonderful job presenting the wines and providing information on all the local grapes and wines. I enjoyed the tasting so much that I purchased a couple bottles of wine.

Recenserad av: Rocco L , augusti 2015

Tour was excellent as were the bus driver and both guides, however its to much of a bus ride for a day trip. As for the tour itself absolutely wonderful, the guides are very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.
The area is a must see while on vacation there.

Recenserad av: Diana R , september 2016

Having the term mt etna on the discription is slightly misleading as we only saw it from the distance. The winery was lovely and I would recommend it but the village tour was just a stop in a depressing and fairly vacant town.

Recenserad av: Gemma R , september 2016

It was expensive for essentially a sip of four different wines, some bread and olives and a bus there. Friends had a much better experience booking directly at the same venue. I asked if I could have some cheese at first the tour guide said no and in the end I had to pay 7e and eat it in secret! Odd