• Plats: Port Arthur, Australia
  • Varaktighet: 90 minuter (ung.)
Från USD 18,95

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: Eunice Y , juni 2016

Amazingly scary!

Recenserad av: Jennie L , Australia, april 2016

This was a great fun tour, the kids were nervous going to bed that night but still really enjoyed themselves. Well worth the money.

Recenserad av: Rodney B , mars 2015

Enjoyed it very much, very interesting.

Recenserad av: Paul W , december 2014

Very good tour and a little scary.

Recenserad av: John H , Australia, februari 2013

Such a beautiful place with an equally horrible history. Not a believer in ghosts or the supernatural but interesting to see the prison at night; eerie.

Recenserad av: Vivien , juli 2016

I enjoyed hearing about the stories in atmospheric settings. The guide was informative and entertaining.