• Plats: Tokyo, Japan
  • Varaktighet: 2 timmar (ung.)
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Recenserad av: shaun o , augusti 2016

The tour guide so very easy to talk to and full of knowledge. We actually ended up hanging out with the other people that booked the tour ended up being an awesome night!

Recenserad av: Daisy A , maj 2016

The tour conducted by our english guide was very polite and knew her way around. Recommend this tour if your ever in Japan.

Recenserad av: Johnny , juli 2015

great tour. got to see a lot of the great things that make Shinjuku such a popular area of Tokyo!

Recenserad av: Tony , mars 2015

It was everything and more. Enjoyed every moment.

Recenserad av: Debbie M , oktober 2014

Our tour guide was lovely and very well informed. We wouldn't have seen many of the places she showed us if we had tried to go by ourselves and if we had we wouldn't have known what we were looking at. My advice would be to take the tour and then go back to selected places later on.

Recenserad av: Shirley W , oktober 2014

Great tour, the guide was lovely and very knowledgeable also we had only just arrived in Tokyo, so it was reassuring to be taken down the alleyways and nightspots with a local.

Recenserad av: Rachael W , januari 2014

My friend and I ended up having a private tour as no-one else on this trip. Our tour guide was great and went the extra mile after the tour had finished by helping me order a suitable gluten free meal in a restaurant nearby. I would recommend this trip as it showed us a different side to Tokyo that my friend and I would probably not have felt comfortable exploring ourselves.

Recenserad av: Alfonso D , december 2013

This tour gets you out and show you even with a language barrier you can navigate this city especially by JR rail +Very helpful guide.

Recenserad av: Yvette , december 2013

Our tour guide was a man named Take. He spoke about the history of the area and about Japanese culture. We asked him tons of questions. He was so great! Also, I asked him about where to buy kitkat bars and he took me to a few stores to see if they sold them. He also pointed out some good restaurants and karaoke places. Our guide was very knowledgeable, punctual and very polite. He had great English skills and was very easy to understand. I would recommend this tour to get familiar with this area. It can be overwhelming at first because it is very large.

Recenserad av: Cid , februari 2013

I was so pleased I did this tour. We got to see a nightlife off Tokyo's that we would not have seen or experienced on our own. You get to see and do a lot in two hours! Highly recommended.

Recenserad av: Diane O , november 2012

Great walking tour taking us to places we would otherwise not have ventured to. Small group (4) which made the walk very personalised . Recommend.

Recenserad av: MIGUEL ANGEL O , september 2012

Great English speaking tour guide and a very interesting view of Tokyo

Recenserad av: Chris Hord , Australia, juni 2012

It was a wonderful tour to start our journey in Tokyo. If you are a foregin and want to know more about Japanese culture, this tour is your first choice. Our local guide took us to visit the major department stores, side street pubs, and some of the most popular entertainment centre. I don't want to spoil you what we have seen in this tour, but what I can say is that what you see in this tour will really surprise you about the interesting culture in Japan.

Recenserad av: Martin R , november 2015

J'ai vraiment apprécié cette excursion. Cela m'a permis d'apprendre plusieurs choses sur les quartiers Shinjuku et Kabukicho. Notre guide n'était pas avare de commentaires et d'explications.

Recenserad av: Travis K , juni 2015

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable. By the end of the tour, you will have walked around the entire city of Shinjuku so wear good walking shoes. It was nice to see the city transform as day turned to night and the lights of this beautiful city came on.

Recenserad av: Zoe H , mars 2015

This tour was great!

Recenserad av: Samantha S , mars 2015

Tour was great. We were the only couple so it was naturally very personal and easy to ask questions. We didn't know what to expect but for tourists it was easy going and showed a side of the city which was both populated and also terms of the walk through the dept store and ally ways full of small eateries and bars. Good value for money also.

Recenserad av: Sohini M , april 2014

Definitely a trip worth doing to get a look into the inside alleys of Shinjuku and Kabukicho. It would have been nice to have a guide who is more interactive and sharing bits of interesting information. Fluency in English seemed a bit of a problem and maybe this hindered greater interaction

Recenserad av: Daniel , United Kingdom, april 2014

After arriving in Tokyo early in the morning, we wanted to check in to our hotel and then get to know the area we were staying in. This tour was fantastic, our guide was friendly and informative and showed us all the different areas. The tour was a great introduction to Tokyo!

Recenserad av: aiochem , november 2015

My guide was quite nice but this is one of the few tours I could have done without. It was nice to visit the areas at night and it showed me some new places but overall not my cup of tea. It might be worthwhile for others so don't let me discourage you.

Recenserad av: Arsalan R , april 2014

Covered some interesting areas in Shinjuku / Kabukicho. Learned a few things I would never have known through online research!

Recenserad av: babbsbud , maj 2016

Our guide was a delightful woman who was given an impossible task of running this tour. The meeting place was so far from what was being shown that it seemed goofy to meet there.... the evening walk was so rushed and quite frankly... we just didn't see anything. The food stop was extremely a poor choice as it just wasn't good. Again... this review is no reflection on the guide... she was great, filled with knowledge and energy.... but the tour content itself.... not good....

Recenserad av: Patricia Louise W , maj 2016

You could not hear the tour guide, she did not use a head set like most tours were doing. All we did was walk through department stores and get some history on that. With all the noise I found I did not learn very much. We did stop in at a bar in a red light area - a bit sketchy but it was interesting. And we stopped in at a vendor for some food. My daughter went back later on with a few friends to the bar area so that gave her an idea of where to spend her evening. Not overall an impressive tour, had a lot better from this tour company.

Recenserad av: Tim W , mars 2016

good coverage of the area, but the talking commentary could have been more detailed

Recenserad av: Brian D , USA, december 2012

The guide was on time and friendly. However, we walked past everything so fast we didn't get a chance to enjoy it. Since, there was just 4 people on the tour I felt it could have been at a slower more enjoyable pace. It would be best to do this neighborhood on your own. We didn't get to go in anywhere.