• Plats: Ubud, Indonesia
  • Varaktighet: 7 timmar (ung.)
Från USD 54,00

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Recensioner på andra språk

Recenserad av: Udo Sennlaub S , juli 2015

The trip to Ubud, Bali, is a must when visiting this island. The temple and the royal palace are already the approach of a value-hour. I was the only participant of this trip and very much regret that the guide wanted to fulfill my personal wishes, although this does not make detours would have. He wanted me necessarily result in a museum and to the Reistreassen I had but seen it all.
Positive was during this tour that the driver was on time, what with Tour East Indonesia is not always the case.
Unpleasant, however, was that the driver had constant bouts of coughing and I asked if he was healthy. He answered my question by saying that he had drunk too much the night before. For me it was uncomfortable, so I broke off the trip. Too Bad.
This guide, spoke of all the worst-to-understand English.In summary, the place is amazing, the sights amazing the performing mediocre

Recenserad av: Emma M , december 2014

Really enjoyed the tour. The guides were helpful and made it an extra special day for me. Lovely!

Recenserad av: JAGDISHBHAI M , juni 2015

This was a good tour but be careful of tour guide bothering you to do private tours with them.

Recenserad av: Gwynne P , juni 2016

Only took me places he got a kickback from, mostly expensive stores. No museums.

Recenserad av: Danuta E , mars 2016

I wouldn't recommend this tour, it's not a good value for the price. One would be better off getting a driver from the hotel who will take you to the most interesting parts, instead of so called galleries where you are expected to make a purchase.

Recenserad av: Sunny C , april 2015

The tour was pretty basic. It was actually boring and we could go to the uBud palace and puri lukisan museum by ourselves. Our guide explained some things but it was not enough to make it interesting and worthwhile.