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clock-o90 minuter (ung.)


Bevittna skönheten i Istanbul i skymningen under den här 1,5 timme långa sightseeingkryssningen på kvällen och titta på solnedgången över både de europeiska och asiatiska sidorna. Högtalare ombord berättar om alla sevärdheter ni seglar förbi, så håll utkik efter Topkapipalatset, jungfrutornet, Ortaköy & Mecidiye-moskén, Dolmabahce-palatset, Bosporenbron och Cıragan Palace.
  • Sightseeingkryssning
  • Njut av solnedgången på den här 1,5 timmar långa Bosporen-kryssningen
  • Passera Topkapipalatset och Dolmabahce-palatset
  • Te och simit (turkiska runda bröd med sesamfrön)


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, jul 2018

This very same tour costs 15 Turkish Lira about 2-3 if you buy it directly from the harbour office. Even the people in charge of the boat wondered how we could pay that much on Viator. So do not buy it online. Go to any harbour in Instanbul and you will find a nice cruise But not on Sundays! Its very crowded on Sundays.
The tour is nice and worth it. Stay on the upper level and on the left side of the boat.
You should know that they will try to trick you into buying tea, orange juice or snacks, which appeareantly are free, and then charge you really overpriced sumes of money. So its better to not buy any drinks on the deck.

How to find the ticket office: It you type in google maps anything from the voucher, it will get very confusing. Best option: take the tram to Kabatas station the tram line is also called Kabatas and when you get off, go in the direction of the water youll see it, more exactly on the side on which you get off. You will also see that Gas Station they mention. Its the only gas station in Kabatas, so you can ask the locals.

Also, at some point of the cruise you will hear from the speakers something like Thank you for letting us entertain you and have a great evening. This is not the end! Hearing that message, all passengers got off the boat it has many stops, but there was more of the trip. So do not get off if you havent seen all the objectives written in the cruise description here, in Viator.

Conclusion: Its worth it, but only if you buy it directly from the harbour.

, jan 2018

It was good, You must do it.

, apr 2017

We never made on the boat. Directions were confusing. Time of departure shouldn't be listed for the whole year and be specific for the month that voucher was paid for

, jan 2017

Very nice and affordable cruise. You get the feel of the city of Istanbul from the Bospherous River. Many people commented that location was hard to find, however, it can't get any simpler. the ferry is right behind the service station 50 m walk from is Kabatas tam station.

, sep 2016

Well, where do I start. How about the convoluted instructions on how to find this tour! Kabatas area, behind the gas station.. What?! Anyway, 8 taxi ride, to the Kabatas docks which are now closed for construction and no boats leave rom there! When finally found a ticket office, it was for the Hop On-Hop Off boat, that claimed they didn't know anything about my certificate, and their last boat had already left. Since it was getting late, and as a 60 year old woman traveling alone, and leaving the next morning, I decided to drown my frustration back at my hotel, and call this 'tour' a bust! 8 taxi ride back.

, nov 2015

I'm not sure how the actual tour was because of the description on departure times. On the Viator site it says that there are three departure times but there is no way to indicate which one you want! We wanted to latest one but when we received the confirmation email it said we had to be there for the first departure. Despite me emailing several times to find out what the deal was no one ever got back to me and we were unable to make the time they stated on the confirmation email. Poor instructions on behalf of Viator.

, sep 2015

First of all, there is no 'local guide.

To receive our vouchers, we were instructed to get off the tram at a particular stop, look for a red petrol station, and then hunt for a sign with a name on it. Nearby we should look for a man who would hand us our vouchers and point us in the direction of the boat.

We got to the meeting place well in advance. No one was there to meet us. Where were the other tourists, we wondered?

We called our local contact. New instructions: go to a certain building nearby, look for an office with men wearing a certain kind of uniform and speak to someone in charge there. Huh? We wasted an hour, with anxiety and confusion, hunting for our liaison, and finally got a feeble nod from an unidentified official who told us he had no voucher for us but was authorized to allow us onto the boat.

The boat filled with Turkish locals. It appears we were the only tourists. Apparently, Sunday is a day for leisure and recreation in Turkey, when families enjoy outings with their children. This would explain the many children on board, doing what kids do best: running around, laughing, screaming and causing a ruckus.

So Sunday may not be the best day for this type of public cruise.

As soon as passage was permitted, the mobs and baby strollers pressed forward in a frenzy racing to get to the upper deck where limited outdoor seating was available. Left side of the boat has the best views, by the way.

Loudspeakers blared out sightseeing highlights in Turkish, followed by English translation. The sound quality was not great, and it was difficult to catch much information above the roar of the boats engines coupled with the gregariousdin of 500 passengers sociably gabbing.

Istanbul is a beautiful, historical city and the stunning photograph advertising this excursion is a glorious testimony. This cruise, however, fails to deliver any of that sparkle.

, jun 2015

Our guide was good, lots of confusion about the meeting point. Also the sunset cruise started at 6pm but sunset was 8.30pm so it really was not a sunset cruise but just a cruise.

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